Baaghi Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Action, Drama, Romance
If this were a Disney movie, there would be a song playing continuously: A tale as old as time... Before you can complete the song and sing, 'Beauty and the beast!'Cliche upon cliche is piled up in this movie that should have been named Captain Obvious. Even the fights are so choreographed there is nothing new. Yes, the one star goes to Tiger Shroff for effort and for growing some facial fuzz.
Apr 29, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Unless you are learning Kickboxing or some sort of martial art, don't waste your time watching this film. Usually the martial arts movies have a formula made interesting by some twist in the tale, but this movie is killed by its very predictability.

A guy and a girl meet on the train and fall in love. At the same time the villain in leather sees her and falls in love too. Guy reaches martial arts academy, where he discovers villain in leather is the teacher's son. Their paths intersect when villain in leather discovers Guy is whom Girl loves. Villain in leather kills his own father because he dares to mention villain in leather should marry someone who he has chosen for the lad. The villain in leather abducts Girl and takes her to Bangkok and places her in a tower filled with fighters.

The villain's tower of Babel is filled with fighters that only grunt and groan and scream. The Girl is kept in the penthouse so villain in leather can marry her. You don't ask what are you waiting for, lad? You know Guy is coming to rescue the Girl, because it rains when they meet.

Rains? When they meet? Fuhgeddaboutit. It's such a far-fetched, extended meet-cute that it runs out of novelty value within the first twenty minutes of the film.

So the Guy comes to rescue princess from locked tower. He beats everyone and anyone that moves. A couple of fights are nice, but everything else is roundhouse, punch, roundhouse, punch, jump, roundhouse, punch. Oooh! You say, he jumped!

Villain in leather finally takes off his stifling jacket and then you think you will see some other muscle (you have seen enough of the Guy's muscles by now) for a change. But no! This villain is wearing a full sleeved tee inside his leather jacket! It's Bangkok dude, you want to say! He probably smells revolting too!

The villain dies. The Girl and Guy hug. The next instant they're back at the school teaching. And you want the audience to revolt against watching such movies.

Manisha Lakhe