Ma Chu Ka Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | U | Drama, Thriller
Sometimes eerie, and always mysterious, 'Ma Chu Ka' is strictly for genuine movie lovers for a serious appreciation.
Jun 10, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

Can you recall a film that kept you guessing right from the outset? "Ma Chu Ka" (inflict pain) is a perfect entry to that short list of movies; somewhat a rarity in Malayalam Cinema. With the story revolving around only two characters inside a hilltop bungalow, the settings might appear as incongruous for a psychological thriller. But Jayan Vannery proves you wrong with his uncanny story-telling and brilliance in craft that overshadow a newbie's shortcomings.

His treatment of the theme is stunning and it has been narrated convincingly. The rising action of the plot is riveting as it gradually unveils the complexity of one of the characters.

The film reminds me of Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi's docu-fiction film "Closed Curtain" in which the action takes place inside a villa at a beach. In "Ma Chu Ka," Jomon Thomas' camera pans through the green pastures in the opening scene and then it has been confined to the interiors of a house in Munnar. These limitations do not take the sheen away from the movie, instead it becomes more engrossing as the plot unfolds gradually.

I feel the dilemma of explaining more about the characters Arivazhagan (Pasupathy) and Niveditha Haran (Janani Iyer) as it would be a spoilsport on the thriller mood. Undoubtedly, the film belongs to Pasupathy; especially in the latter half. It is a meaty role for him after the film "Veyil." When Niveditha, a trainee journalist, reaches in the bungalow of her uncle, she bumps into Arivazhagan. As an old friend of her uncle, he also wanted to meet him after 10 years. Both of them wait for his return from the airport.

In fact, it's not the series of events that take the film forward. The interaction between the two characters inside the house paves the way for ample room for suspense. The mystery about the characters gives a fillip to the whole action. Janani Iyer appears in a meaningful role and her expressions rightly convey the enthusiasm and scare of the character.

It is high time you changed your perceptions about thrillers. Sans chases and high-octave action, this movie hinges on its diligently-written screenplay that ensures a never-before feel while watching thrillers.

Sometimes eerie, and always mysterious, "Ma Chu Ka" is strictly for genuine movie lovers for a serious appreciation.

K. R. Rejeesh