Dishoom Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Action, Comedy
If you said Hindi comedy, it meant ghastly sex comedies or completely stupid comedies which are loud and labled 'leave your brains behind'. Thankfully Dishoom is nothing like either. It's pure fun. Silly, but fun. You'll laugh at the funny lines, and you'll like where the story is going. And everyone in the cast looks like they had a great time at the movies.
Jul 29, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

It's time Hindi movies were written purely for fun. This is a buddy cop that is written by someone who put on a silly hat and drank from a happy cup when he sat down to write. So well done on that count Rohit Dhawan.

The story seems inncouous enough. An Indian batting legend is kidnapped by someone who wants him to...

Never mind. John Abraham of the awesome 'Jisko goli nahi maar saki yeh (cigarette) kya maregi' bod is here. A Sushma Swaraj lookalike has sent this Special Forces dude on a special mission to the Middle-East to...

Oh Lord be praised! There comes Varun Dhawan with a twinkle in his eye and really bad lines. He's a rookie cop who forces himself into this mission and takes John to Mr Know It All, who according to Varun, 'Agar 10th September ko America waalon ne phone uthaya hota toh 11 September nahi hua hota'. Now factually that's like 'Whaaaa?' But you get the point.

All the events in the film are rather well connected even though you are distracted by Jacqueline Fernandez and her nimble fingers. She has a better role than she has ever performed. And considering she's mostly used for ornamental parts, this is a good role choice.

The movie is fun, and fast paced. The funny parts make you smile even when they're silly lines like, 'Arre Bradman, tu toh Byomkesh nikla!'

Watch the movie with friends and laugh at Varun Dhawan's antics and Jacqueline's sass. And yes, John Abraham's body.

Manisha Lakhe


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