Bitnoon Bengali Movie Review

Feature Film | UA
When imbalances attack us, we get attracted to the wrong. But who would hate a dash of flavour in their boring life? A pinch of ecstasy that reminds you your reality and brings you back excited for the mundane. Bitnoonis the potion that you will hate to miss.
Apr 7, 2015 By Anurima Das

Many preach, 'every married couple need to add some spice into their marriage from time to time to keep it sizzling'. And many practice the same too. But what if everything is not as extramarital and not so heartbreaking? A humorous and healthy twist in a not so happy marriage is the story that Bitnoon tells.

Bitnoon is the bengali name for Black Salt, and has a characteristic tangy taste to it. Being true to this meaning director duo Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy presents a sharp-witted narrative on screen as Bitnoon. Rahul (Ritwick Chakraborty) is an everyday man who juggles between his corporate job and his middle class personal life. His wife Mousumi (Gargi Roy Chowdhury) is that quintessential housewife, who is forever juggling between his son's homework, household chores and his husband's tiffin box.

But we don't have any scope to establish that they are unhappy with a fallen out of love situation in their marriage. Rather they are much in love and Rahul takes out time from his grueling schedule to come for some love to his wife. He escapes out of his busy professional life to come to an empty home to his wife, which is in fact a rarity with their omnipresent son occupying every corner of their life.

Amidst all these toils, Rahul falls for Rusha (Saayoni). Dancer. Seductress. Beautiful. Rusha is the perfect description of the 'other woman'. But what follows from then is a hilarious journey and the director duo beautifully depicts the same on screen in Bitnoon. The love, not so love, the fling and the falling in love because of the fling is perfectly timed and laid out as a perfect bowl of fruit salad with that dash of bitnoon (Black Salt).

Ritwick Chakraborty & Gargi Roy Chowdhury pull out an amazing chemistry and look too perfect in their on screen couple avatar. Saayoni is at her flirtatious best.

Bitnoon is a pinch of ecstasy that reminds you your reality and brings you back excited for the mundane. It is that potion that you will hate to miss.

Anurima Das