Ghostbusters English Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Comedy
When you're too young to remember the original Ghostbusters, or too old to remember the original, comes this mad 'all woman' protagonists version. Interesting idea, and 'hyuck-hyuck' funny in parts, and despite the title song being repeated often, it makes you look at the time again and again.
Jul 28, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Most of the people who remember the original Ghostbusters will sigh in relief...Oooh! There is Sigourney Weaver turning into Zuul already when you watch the family murdering ghost right away. She's beautiful too, and you can imagine where the movie is going...

But no! The movie has other plans. Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Wiig the paranormal physicists reunite reluctantly and the third in this plot is Kate McKinnon, who plays the mad scientist/engineer so madly, you know she's the one who is going to get you laughs. I loved her mad sense of style and her James Bond Q gone crazy role. That established, we are then suddenly thrown into a situation where you meet the villain.

In a city which does not care if you are dressed crazily or are genuinely nuts, there are sudden sighting of ghostly apparitions. We are introduced to Leslie Jones who is their client and when the trio step into the subway with the client we take a first look at the Proton Pack and the best homage scene: a vandal with a spray can...

If you are too young to care about the hullabaloo over Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, you'll simply enjoy the repartee between the women, who (i must concede) share a pretty good vibe and can be funny. McCarthy's obsession with soup is fun and so is Chris 'the body' Hemsworth. Thor shows up as the dumb blonde secretary and at first irritates you with his 'because I have a body therefore I must be stupid' role, but he gets funnier by the scene. So much so that you will imagine dumb but beautiful people in your own life posing with a saxophone.

The last fight between the ghostbusters and the ghosts coming into New York via a vortex created by the villain goes on and on and on and you take refuge in watching dance skills of Chris Hemsworth again. I wish Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Wiig had loosened up a little and tried less harder to compete with the originals. The movie moves from flat to funny and back so many times, you are just glad the movie ends with the song that has stayed with you for so many years.

Manisha Lakhe