Malgudi Days Synopsis

‘Malgudi Days’ is an emotional suspense thriller with prominence to children. The movie is directed by three debutant brothers – Vivek, Vishakh, and Vinod.

The movie is set in the backdrop of an imaginary school named Malgudi Residential School. The movie revolves around Painter Zephan Solomon (Anoop Menon), his wife Janet (Bhama), and their daughter.

Priyanka Nair and Saiju Kurup do prominent roles in the movie. Saiju Kurup does a police officer.

Irshad, T P Madhavan, Satyadev, Binoy, Master Vishal, Shailaja Nair, Baby Janki, and Baby Alkhy also do important roles.

Anil Nair is the cinematographer. Dr Praveen is the music director. ‘Malgudi Days’ is produced under the banner of V Company.