Two Countries Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
A potent mix of inventive dialogue humor and typically engaging drama, Two Countries entertains.
Dec 27, 2015 By Weekender Reviews

It takes more than sheer talent for an actor to survive as a hero of the masses for a prolonged period. Actor Dileep knows it and that's why he keeps going back to his strengths after his forays with experimentation. He has his audience and he never forgets them completely. Two Countries his latest offering directed by Shafi is a Dileep movie which is in the mold of the films in his halcyon days, when he hardly put a foot wrong. A potent mix of inventive dialogue humor and typically engaging drama, Two Countries won't survive a thorough dissection, but it entertains deceptively.

How many times we have seen Dileep play a lad laden with plethora of problems, lack of a job worth mentioning being the most pestering one among? Two Countries also has Dileep playing such a character. Ullas (Dileep) is a Jack of all trades with oodles of energy and a quirky character. He tries every conceivable trick to liven up his life which lacks the fizz that he yearns for. He has his accomplices in his pursuits for quick fix solutions to his problems. Dileep characters thrive in the presence of ideal foils and Two Countries is no exception.

His marriage to Laya (Mamtha) which was supposed to turn his life on its head ends up marring it beyond description. The Canada based girl who has a wholly different approach to life is not at all amenable to his ways. The cultural and behavioral patterns of the duo never overlap and it becomes a clunky mess. The situations are replete with humor that brings the house down relentlessly. The characters played by Aju Varghese,Mukesh and Suraj Venjarumoodu join forces with the protagonist in their own inimitable styles and the racy narration cleverly clear the hurdles presented by a far from perfect script.

The entanglement in problems and their inevitable resolution through desperate and often bizarre means is the plight of Dileep's popular characters. Shafi plays his cards well here and he places Dileep in his zone of comfort. And the superb combination of the lead pair adds verve to the narrative. Dileep unleashes himself with consummate ease in a role that he was direly in need of.

Mamtha Mohandas deserves kudos for her remarkable agility and keen nose for the nuances of her character. Aju Varghese, Mukesh and Suraj Venjarumoodu are well and truly in their elements and their dynamism and inventive humor perks up the momentum of Two Countries two fold. Rafi, Lena, Srinda, Vinaya Prasad, Jagadeesh, Ashokan, Vijayaraghavan,Makarand Deshpande etc. are there and ensure that they don't just make up the numbers.

Shafi used to be invincible as a filmmaker until recently with a procession of hits. Two Countries sees him return to his comfort zone. Rafi's script is just what the doctored order for Shafi to show his wares. As mentioned at the outset Two Countries works within its limitations. Good frames and decent music add value to it. Being a festive entertainer that rakes in the moolah, it may not win the nod of doubting Thomas with scalpels in his hands. But it may very well satisfy most Toms, Dicks and Harrys around. That matters as many blockbusters of yore attest to. Two Countries is a breezy watch.

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