Kathukutty Tamil Movie Review

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Kathukutty is a watchable film for the entertaining stint it manages to provide in close to two hours of running time.
Oct 9, 2015 By SMK

There are some films that entertain you despite of the sanctimonious approach and treatment with which the entire story is showcased on screen. Kathukutty is one such film and full credits to actors Naren and Soori for making it a comfortably watchable village-based entertainer.

The film has its own share of cliches and stereotypes usually associated with the countryside subjects. But, it also has enough comedy elements to entertain the audience from the word go. Debutant director Saravanan has managed to balance the seriousness by spraying occasional comical elements in the story-line with the help of Soori, who has delivered an enjoyable performance after a long time along with his co-star Naren.

Arivazhagan (Naren) is a carefree youngster, who spends most of the time with his close buddy Ginger (Soori) doing nothing but boozing and creating problems for others. Arivu's father is a sincere hardworking politician who devotedly works for his political party. His only dream is to contest for the minister position in the assembly election. However, things go topsy-turvy when the party management decides to give the post to a youngster. The top level management, to recognize the contribution of Santhanam to the party, offers the chance to his son to contest the election.

The hitherto incompetent Arivazhagan suddenly becomes pious and leaves all his bad habits to fulfill the wish of his father and get elected in his constituency. Meanwhile, the village's farmers are in an extremely miserable situation to sell their lands to ease out the debts and for personal reasons. The corporate companies exploit this opportunity to explore methane gas in the farmlands.

We witness a sympathy-inducing, poorly staged farmer suicide, sanctimonious message on how agriculture is the backbone of the nation and how the higher class people too eat only because of the sole existence of good farmers, etc. However, all these are dealt in minor portions and Saravanan smartly uses only comedy to push the narrative forward. The satirical dialogues about politicians and multi-national companies definitely deserve applause.

Kathukutty is a watchable film for the entertaining stint it manages to provide in close to two hours of running time.