Baar Baar Dekho Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | UA | Drama, Romantic
A grouchy young man seems to be living a sort of groundhog day when everyone around him is happy celebrating his wedding to his childhood sweetheart. We know he has to re-live the day that changed his fate but we don't know why. And despite Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra's 'hotness' which drew the audiences in, the story leaves you cold.
Sep 9, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Remember Tom Hank's BIG? Or Jim Carrey's Liar Liar? Or any of the movies where the hero is taught a lesson when he wishes (or someone wishes for him!) that his life were different? The filmmakers assume that you have seen all these movies and drag you to a happy Dharma Productions wedding party. It's just that the groom looks like he hates every minute of the proceedings. Frankly, the audience has seen so many of these shaadis, that there's some part of you that says, 'Get on with it already!'

The next forty-five minutes we see the story fast forward to his honeymoon (why would any young man in his senses complain about being married to Katrina Kaif and her fabulous revenge bod?), and to a time where he's older, and then to when he's even older. But time only offers him a wrinkle or two and grey hair, but does not seem to do anything to his stupidity. It seems to be persistent and ever-present.


almost applaud when Katrina Kaif decides to divorce him, but you have been too numbed by the events in the film. If he's supposed to undo the wrongs then he certainly takes his time fixing the wrongs. And despite the math degree, he seems to be rather dim.

In movies like Liar Liar, the child wishes really hard for his father to not lie. Even Govinda does a great job in the remake. In Freaky Friday both the mother and the daughter learn many things about each other and there's a sense of immediacy which makes the 'learning of the lesson' important, the simplest being: You'll be stuck in a grown up body for ever and ever'. There's no sense of that in this film, and you see newer and worse options to his life which make you want to box the young man's ears or at least wish that someone would slap him. Alas, nothing like that happens. You come away horrified by seeing both Sarika and Katrina Kaif look awful when old, you come away realising that Sidharth Malhotra had better hold on to his own looks or he might just look like he does in this movie. You also come away hoping technology is better than what they have imagined it to be in this movie. The title of the movie is a tad unfortunate because you are forced to say, 'Baar baar nahi, ek baar bhi mat dekho!' (Not again and again, just don't watch the film eve once!)

Manisha Lakhe