Ishq Forever Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | U | Drama, Romance
Nadeem of the Nadeem-Shravan fame attempts to make a return with a couple of really melodious tunes in this remake of a remake of a remake of Chasing Liberty/First Daughter/Mr. And Mrs 55/Hero... The new young couple go through the motions - falling in love, action, tears - there is zero sincerity and the comic thread of the baddies is so terrible you wonder how the censors were sleeping.
Feb 18, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

This is 2016, and our filmmakers think that two characters putting on a blackface (black color on their face) to pass off as an African is funny? If this weren't so awful and racist, what is? If only this was a problem with the film.

You watched the heroine in Calendar Girls, and since it was such a forgettable film you would have forgotten the permanent pout she has. As the spoilt brat of a politician that pout makes an appearance right in the beginning and annoys you through the movie. Get past the pout and you will realise that no one who is seventeen behaves the way she does.

So the brat is studying in South Africa (those awful accents speaking Hindi!) and when dad becomes Prime Minister, the security unit shows up to curb her freedom. The security unit is a tired Javed Jafferi in a three piece suit and Lisa Ray (How can anyone make her look awful? This film does!) in the most awful, inappropriate clothes and high heels. Her status as first daughter is focus of really weird terrorists who send two cartoons to kidnap her. Brat runs away with a lad she bumps into at the disco.

If you are gasping for air, please take a moment to breathe, because their romp through South Africa is so strange (she makes friends with strange white guy, even allows him to buy her clothes, hands over her wallet to him to keep, sings love songs to lad she originally has run away with, she attempts to seduce the lad at the home they take refuge in, he rejects her, but runs away with her and so on and so forth until you want to run away from the theatre yourself) you shake your head in disbelief.

The young lad who runs away with her is such a cardboard cutout for a young man who wants to make it in the movies, you can actually make a check-list. Buffed out body, yes. Tan, they forgot. Hair, transparent shirt, motorbike, fight with at least one roundhouse kick, all checked. What would have helped him (and he's quite presentable) would be acting lessons.

All in all, the movie ends with terrorist boss (Zakir Hussain) in his indestructible glasses (he is punched in the face several times by the hero, but nothing happens to the glasses! Indestructible!) and his many goons fighting the security team, the hero. The brat simply wears skimpy clothes and shrieks.

You emerge from the theater scathed for life. And with a determination that practically grown up kids who behave that way should be legally disowned by parents.

Manisha Lakhe