Baa Baa Black Sheep Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | UA | Comedy
There's an art teacher who lives a double life as an art forger. A henpecked dad who is really a contract killer. A politician who runs drugs and hence killing and looting. And sundry characters who are do random stuff to try and get these vastly different silly tales together. Every action is so exaggerated and so needless, you feel your brain cells die slowly.
Mar 23, 2018 By Manisha Lakhe

Contract killers in Goa? A national minister who lives and works in Goa? Punjabi cashew seller who lives in a house with Charlie Chaplin on the door and a secret basement like in The Kingsmen? An Art teacher who leads a double life as a art forger because he has an original Renoir and accepts payments in cash which are placed in a railway station locker on a platform full of people? Add to that the hero called Baba who has not a job to his name (hence the name of the film), but turns into a killer with training from his dad, and a heroine who owns a beach shack (the film is set in Goa, what else is a girl going to do?!) but is shown do no work but prance around in bikini tops...

Oh yes, there is a corrupt Home Minister (National post, but he's just hanging out in Goa...), his secretary called Narottam who knows all the nefarious plans: Let's distract the police chap who is after my drugs by putting a contract on a businessman who is helping me and when the policeman catches the killer of the businessman he will forget about the drugs and then we shall have the cop killed by my henchmen who also kill for me and run my drugs and other illegal businesses, and all during a carnival which happens inside a hotel. I will also get that businessman to help me buy an original painting from a man called Santa Claus as a gift to my girlfriend turned blackmailer and then go chasing a man in the Santa suit because the girl who owns an art gallery figures out it was a forged painting and add a few Russian girls and foreign 'experts' who know instantly (by running a UV light over the painting) that it is real or fake.

But the cop and the contract killers become partners and the Minister gets killed and a gaggle of mindless photographers show up at the art gallery (and at the railway station to ask the cop of he caught drugs/money and then haplessly ask, 'Yeh kya hai?', yes it means 'What is this?!' and we in the audience wonder too) and force the blackmailing gallery owner to return the painting to France.

There's more, but as audience your brain has been trying to assimilate all these random acts in the name of comedy and wondering why good actors like Anupam Kher and Annu Kapoor are both acting like buffoons and why Manish Paul breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience, why Kay Kay Menon (who has aged disastrously in the film) wanders about the film with grey eye lenses and a cowboy hat. My heart goes out to Manjari Phadnis who is shown either prancing to forgettable songs or just being plain sullen at finding out that her dad is the Santa Claus art forger (I facepalmed rather loudly in the theatre when I heard 'Hava Nagila' being played as the crooks called Jamaal and Kamaal chase Santa around his house with a Christmas tree and all!).

Mind numbed by these scenes accompanied by bizarre background sounds you emerge from the theater not having laughed at anything. And you don't want to tell the readers about how Jamaal was killed by an African poison pointed baton dropped by a drone...

Manisha Lakhe