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Feature Film | 2017 | U | Action, Drama
Singam 3 is a package that can be enjoyed by the masses who have lapped up the previous two editions of wild outings. For others, better to stay away.
Feb 10, 2017 By Baranidharan S

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Once again Suriya has sported the handlebar moustache and a Khaki avatar for Hari's Singam 3 or for some unknown reason named as Si 3. How successful should the past two editions of the film be for the movie makers to come up with a third one and that too with the same star? Barring all the crassness, brassy dialogues and caricaturish characters, the movie has certainly come a long way since its introduction in 2010.

Do you really care about the movie's plot? Actually, it was not so bad a plot. The movie carried a disclaimer at the beginning stating that though a major part of the film is depicted to happen in Andhra, characters would be conversing in Tamil for audience's understanding. Not sure if Hari has run out of ideas for pitching his tent within Tamil Nadu or are there no real issues in Tamil Nadu to match Duraisingam's stature?

Anyway, the movie has been set in Andhra and our universal cop, Duraisingam has been deputed by the CBI to function with the Andhra police (a logical check). He investigates the murder of a police officer whose family is also threatened. He finds out an international conspiracy during the course (an Australian connection to be precise) and carries out trademark Hari's surgical strikes on the baddies with punchable dialogues!

I feel that it's only foolish on my part to complain about things like character sketch, plot points and miseen scene in such a movie. All that Hari seems to care for is an enviable pace. I truly envy the pace at which the screenplay was shot and edited.

Probably the cinematographer would have let his drone do the talking rather than caring about lights and background. The shots were so erratic that it doesn't allow one to even think about what has just happened. This helps the movie to a large extent in getting away with whatever magnitude of naivety that it throws at us.

It was quite amusing to read between lines on the continuity aspect of this sequel.Though Suriya was shown getting married to Anushka in the previous part, who wants a Kollywood hero or a heroine depicted as a family man/woman at the start of a movie? Then what is the purpose of a second heroine or the naive ShrutiHaasan, who gets to promptly confess at the end with an apt dialogue - "I'm just a silly girl sir" - now, that was like breaking the fourth wall!

Then there was a whole host of songs choreographed in lush foreign locales, hampering the pace of the movie more often than not. It seems Harris Jayaraj was asked to compose after a deep slumber. One word for the BGM - cacophonic! Audiences are kindly advised to carry good quality earbuds to prevent acute aural damage.

Soori as the comedian, like in all Hari movies has tried to keep up with the pace. Jokes were just meant to function as fillers and in between, we do manage to get some laughs, more out of the silliness than the substance.

One convincing aspect was the villain from Australia who deals with high-tech wastes or e-wastes. He was like a silver lining on the whole episode. Yes, he was crass and loud like other villains, but he was by design an intelligent human being who deals with locations in latitude and longitude - a rarity in a Hari film. Also, he sported a brawny look and was an even match for Suriya.

Overall, this is a package that can be enjoyed by the masses who have lapped up the previous two editions of wild outings. For others, better to stay away.

Baranidharan S