Teraa Surroor Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Romance
The trailer you watched is far superior to what you watched for two hours. Everything happens so slowly, you want to take the hero's gun (he's just posing with it!) and shoot yourself with it, or at least someone in the movie just to get a reaction from them.
Mar 11, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

A sulky, almost bored Himesh Reshammiya (the hero) who is supposed to be an assassin lazily lifts the gun, there are flashes of light and quick cuts and crash, boom, bang, he has shot eight people. Then with the same bored look he stands in front of a chap who nods his head and the chap walks over to a girl who has been dancing. The girl comes over. They are in a bedroom, and obviously this is to be a seduction scene. Even here, he does not touch her. We only have close ups of her writhing in ecstasy. You see him look bored at what just happened.

He has the same look at breakfast next day. And it must be catching because his girl has the same expressionless look. We have heard him confess to his indiscretions the night before (who does that!) and obviously the girl, his bride to be, is so upset she goes off to meet her Facebook friend in Ireland.

Wait, what?

We see the girl being arrested for drug running.

Wait, what?

She's in jail. Hero shows up to rescue her. Meets Naseeruddin Shah in a jail. Naseeruddin Shah is supposed to be a famous jail breaker, but is happy to be in jail, running a 'how to manage a jail-break' business under the noses of Irish cops.

What now?

The movie is so slow, Naseeruddin Shah just sits there drawing pictures of Himesh behind bars as he tells him how to get the girlfriend out of jail. Not very encouraging that, is it? But there's news. The Facebook friend was fake and he framed the hero's girl.

No, they didn't!

Yes. They show lots of Irish cops attempting to chase Himesh and his girl. Of course, our broody guy tells the girl to go back to India on her own after reaching the coast. Then goes back to find the bad guy who did this to his girl.

The bad guy encounter is so bad and so exaggerated, you begin to look around you to see if people are impressed. They're giggling.

I wish he had simply re-released the songs. They still have some magic left.

Manisha Lakhe