Perumazhakkalam Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama
Nov 11, 2004 By nowrunning

Perumazhakkalam - When it rains hard...

Yes it rained heavily in the heart of every character Kamal showcased in this movie. The renowned director is all set to conquer the hearts of film lovers once again. Known for his talent to produce big hits without big star casts, Kamal proves the theory once again with a well-written and directed story.

The movie deals with the repercussions of the murder of Reghu Rama Iyer (Vineeth) in Saudi Arabia. Under the Shariath Law, Akbar (Dileep) is found guilty and is condemned to be beheaded for the crime committed. The judgment is revoked only if the deceased ones wife, Ganga (Kavya Madhavan), forgives the murderer, Akbar. Razia (Meera Jasmin), Akbar's wife, is caught in this agonizing situation.

Will Ganga pardon the person who murdered her husband? Will Ganga forgive the one who left her a widow and her child fatherless? Will Ganga forgive the one who snatched away the sole breadwinner of her family? Does Akbar deserve to be forgiven? What made Akbar commit the crime? Will Razia able to bring her husband back safe?

Perumazhakkaalam commences...

Kavya Madhavan and Meera Jasmine excels in their respective roles. The guest appearance of Biju Menon as Akbar's friend, Mamukoya as his father, Salim Kumar as Kochappa are memorable.

T A Razak handles the screenplay of this tightly written story. Cameraman P Sukumar has done an excellent job. M Jayachandran's music is one of the best Hindustani songs in recent times. "Perumazhakkalam" is going to attract those who love quality serious cinema.