One Night Stand Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Drama, Romance
Lad obsessed with a beautiful girl he met in a faraway land discovers she lives in the same city, is a propah sati-savitri and begins to stalk her. And his attempts at being stalker are so pathetic you cannot but laugh. Everyone tries so hard to 'act', you wish it were an honest to God skin flick instead of this dreadful feminist 'equal right to make out with strangers' thing...
May 6, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

That Sunny Leone has a great body is a given. But to make her do the sati-savirti, mom, homemaker is a stretch. But she does cut a fine figure in a saree as well. The lad Tanuj Virwani is meant to look suave in suits and ties ends up looking like such a wannabe, who is unwashed to boot. Director Jasmine D-Souza must have lost all her hair attempting to make these two 'act'.

Mercifully the movie is only 97 minute long. In that seemingly never-ending film, you hear desperate dialog (cannot believe it is Niranjan Iyengar) like 'Main sundar ladkiyon se jhoot bolkar unka insult nahi karna chahta', 'Woh wahan dekho, samundar aur aasmaan mil gaye hain', Kya tum hamesha se romantic thee?'... While you are gagging at such contrived lines from two people who have just met, you drown in several cups of coffee to match the alcohol the lad consumes because he cannot get this girl out of his head.


while, the lad has a wife who begins to bake furiously because she isn't getting any. And you throw popcorn at the screen because this is hardly an original idea, and then regret it because multiplex prices are ghastly high and the staff at the theater deserve better. The movie goes nowhere and the lad attempts to cry when his 'I'm going to stalk you by calling you and calling you and calling you' doesn't work. He's hopeless. She shows up in her Kali avatar offering 'I did what you guys do' speech. And you realise, she's hopeless too. You watch 'Baby doll main sone di' on your phone to erase the film out of your head.

Manisha Lakhe