Yaman Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | U | Action, Thriller
'Yeman' is quite an engaging watch and can be safely declared as a family entertainer that balances the equation of imbibing mass and class elements.
Feb 24, 2017 By Baranidharan S

There's a certain chemistry between director Jeeva Shankar and Vijay Antony and that is evident in their second outing together in Yaman. Of course, Vijay Antony took his first major leap into acting through Jeeva Shankar's directorial debut, Naan, which was a runaway hit! Naturally, their rapport must be quite special and that is evident from their latest outing.

The film, with an intriguing title, does carry a simple storyline. Tamizharasan (Vijay Antony) is worked into the shady underbelly of the society, more out of necessity, and thereafter he finds it difficult to return to his normal life. He treads the rough path with poise and finally steps into politics with some cinematic coincidences and intelligently woven screenplay.

Firstly, a warm hug to Vijay Antony for firmly balancing his head on his shoulders and choosing stories that suit his profile and acting potential. He has been very diligent and calculative from the time he took his baby steps in the acting career. This movie too had a plot that was well within his boundaries as an actor but touched upon some mass and commercial ingredients.

The movie is not a pure political drama as perceived from the promotions. Though it had certain elements of politics, it was more of an individual's road to fame by intelligently manipulating the obstacles he comes across.

The biggest strength of the movie was the characterization of Vijay Antony. With shades of grey, the screenplay was intelligently worked out in order to bring in various twists and turns in the story. Note the scene before the climax, where he takes oath as the minister. There was a slyly induced element of guilt and that depicts the protagonist's inner demons, thereby allowing us to infer the character. Also another sly element at the end, which appears to be a revenge drama for the audience, but according to the story, it adds credibility to the protagonist's character.

Miya George had a decent role and was definitely a big relief from the namesake heroines who are always used as glam dolls. An actor like Thiagarajan who emotes occasionally has been given a meaty role where he was made to unleash his forte - stay grim for the most part and raise his voice at the end! Supporting cast with Charlie and Arul Jyothi was impressive.

Music director Vijay Antony has been absconding for some time now and still, he is about to show up. With stale tunes and speed breaker songs, the music was a big letdown. Another downside were the logical loopholes like Vijay Antony's ride to the top of the pyramid at the drop of a hat. But those questions can be largely let off the hook because we've got a protagonist who naturally underplays without spewing earth shattering punch dialogues - what a relief!!

At the end of it all, Vijay Antony and Jeeva Shankar's collaboration has worked for the second time. The movie is quite an engaging watch and can be safely declared as a family entertainer that balances the equation of imbibing mass and class elements.

Baranidharan S