Kathavasheshan Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2004
Nov 11, 2004 By K. T. Thomas

Entering into a new phase of Malayalam cinema T. V Chandran attempted to say a story in a different way that of course is very new to Malayalam audience. Here is a story told in flash backs - developing through a person who committed suicide and so many people whom he is concerned with.

For a change from the usual comedy characters, Dileep plays a more realistic character - Gopinatha Menon in "Kathavasheshan". T.V Chandran had always tried to convey a social message in his movies. Be it "Susanna", "Dany" or "Padam Onnu Oru Vilaapam", all his movies had something relevant. "Kathavasheshan" is no different in that aspect. Here he talks about "human love" in an unusual way. He uses the communal riots in Gujarat to show the evil and bad happenings in the society.

Gopi, a civil engineer commits suicide all of a sudden. His family and fiancee Renuka are shaken and unaware of the reason for the tragedy. Renuka started digging in Gopi's life to find out the reason behind the suicide. It takes her to a long journey. She met Gopi's friends and well-wishers. She started realizing the human qualities in Gopi - A simple man who cannot stand by the injustice in the society. He had always reacted to the wrong doings in the society. One such act has taken his life away.

One should appreciate the director's noble effort to send a message across. But "Kathavasheshan" is little too dragging and it failed to cash in Dileep's box-office value. Still "Kathavasheshan" will always find a place in the list of good Malayalam movies. Dileep's desperate effort to prove himself as a character actor paved the path in this movie. He tried his best to do justice to the character of Gopinatha Menon and it's one of his best performances. Jyothirmayi handle her role with much ease.

The technical team comprising K.G Jayan (Camera), Issac Thomas Kottukapally and M Jayachandran (Music), all associated well.

K. T. Thomas