Sethuboomi Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | Drama
Sethu Bhoomi is an earnest attempt to depict the bravery of village side people with great conviction.
Feb 5, 2016 By SMK

Films on caste wars were abound in Tamil cinema in the 80's and 90's. Nowadays, even when they get made, there has to be indirect representations and ambiguous subtexts to appease the censor board. Sethu Bhoomi directed by Kendhiran Muniyasami attempts to chronicle the moth-eaten countryside affairs followed even today in a modern India through the eyes of his protagonist, played by Thaman.

Thaman is an ambitious youngster who, after graduating, finds a respectable job in Chennai to make ends meet. However, he nurtures a wish to get employment in China and settle there. But, we don't know why exactly he wants 'China'. When he lands an offer eventually, he decides to visit his hometown Ramanathapuram which is governed by his father, who is the headman of 'Katta Panchayat' matters in the district.

In the same Ramanathapuram district lives the shy, conservative girl Samskurthi who is designed, according to the script, to fall in love with Thaman without any solid reasons. But, Samskruthi will never go against the word of her parents and rejects Thaman's invitation to marry him.

However, all hell breaks loose when a gang of unknown goons suddenly make an assassination attempt at Samskruthi to everyone's surprise. Will she come alive? Why is she being targeted? The answers to these blunt questions form the rest of the story.

Thaman has done a village based role for the first time. Sporting a handlebar mustache and with enjoyable antics required for such a role, he has done a really good job indeed. Samskruthi's role is a solid one; she understands her responsibility and exhibits a remarkable portrayal.

Singam Puli has done his best all alone. Director Kendhran Muniyasami essays the role of Samskruthi's maternal uncle and his poignant emotions add flavor to the cast. His performance in the first half as a rowdy and as a responsible maternal uncle in the later half really impresses.

It is the performances that elevate an otherwise dreary screenplay which is all over the place. However, people who have an inclination towards village-based stories may like the film. The writing of individual characters and realistic portrayal of rural atmosphere are the heartwarming aspects of the film.

Sethu Bhoomi is an earnest attempt to depict the bravery of village side people with great conviction.