Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2022
If all one wants is clean entertainment, Kaathuvaakula... would appeal to a certain extent as a family entertainer for this summer!
Apr 29, 2022 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

Director Vignesh Shivan is only four films old. His off-screen relationship with Nayanthara draws a better mileage than his films. His directorial style leans more on staging and narrating wafer-thin content; He proved his mettle with 'Naanum Rowdy thaan' in 2015 with the super hit combo of Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi coming together for the first time (and where he also found his lady love!). In 2018, he fumbled with Suriya's 'Thaana Serntha Kootam.' In order to reclaim the lost glory, he has joined hands with the hit combo with Samantha in the mix with 'Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal' - KRK for short!

The title has a ring to it. Sounds subtle, yet intriguing. What can one expect when the poster boy of Kollywood, Vijay Sethupathi is paired with the 2 top heroines? Moreover, he says that he loves two of them. How can a director be more diplomatic when it comes to balancing the significance while casting the industry's two top heroines, one among them being his real-life lady love? We've seen love triangles in the past. It's an age-old patriarchal dope. The same has been decorated with Vignesh Shivan's toppings for KRK.

Rambo (aka Ranjankudi Anbarasu Murugesa Boopathi Oohoondhiran), played by VJS drives a cab in the morning, and during the nights he does duty at a pub. He dates Nayanthara in the morning and Samantha at night - no, I don't want to be decoding the screenplay on why Nayanthara during the day and Samantha at night! In simple terms, he dates two women at the same time. But wait, the director has some emotional backstory for Rambo. But, was it emotional enough to justify dating two women at the same time is up for debate.

This story perfectly lands on director Bhakhiyaraj's territory. He would have made a meal out of it had it been the 90s. Vignesh Shivan makes quite a meal, but I felt he has played it too subtle and safe for obvious reasons. This script is a double-edged sword that has a knack for attracting the moral police and the self-proclaimed social media activists.

As a script, it would have looked great on paper. It has been partially executed well. However, there were lags. In the first half, the reality show stretch was too upbeat for the liking. The characters could have unfolded more organically.

The latter half had the catfight cliches, the live-in relationship, and of course the break-up as predicted. The film lived up to an extent because of the refreshing lines and the performances from VJS and Samantha. Nayanthara looks famished, especially when compared to Samantha. Age has caught up with Nayan - let's call it a spade!

Was the film entertaining? Yes and no! It was in bits and pieces. The lines were written comically at certain stretches and at other times it looked pretty ordinary. The overall 'feel-good' factor is when the lead trio comes together and reflects their eclectic camaraderie on screen. The likes of Redin Kingsley, Maaran, and the group of siblings led by Kala master add to the ongoing melee. It works at times and lands flat most often.

The movie has strong support from this unsung hero behind the screen - Anirudh! His background score and songs are intricately spun into the narrative. Some stretches worked purely because of BGM. Cinematography by Kathir was yet another silent contributor for colourful and vivid frames that are so quintessential for a feel-good 'rom-com!' 'Naan Pizhai', the melody, melts within you, while 'Two-two-two' rocks the theatres with the trio weaving their magic on screen.

Is it a morally flawed story or an ode to patriarchy? I don't want to delve deep into that. All I want is to have some clean entertainment that does justice for my time and money. On that count alone, I don't feel cheated! This minty-cool film does quench your thirst to a certain extent for this summer!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran