Fredrick Hindi Movie Review

May 26, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

The movie begins with a long haired lad in a hospital in Mussourie narrating how he got there to two cops from Bombay. He tells us a tale of honeymooners/lovers being drugged and then separated, how the lads find themselves in pools of someone else's blood and cops threaten them, how loss of memory (thanks to drugs!) makes them run home not worrying about their wives/girlfriends.

We are then shown how this lad wandered about crying on snow covered hillsides, posing on rocks looking at skies, crying, wandering some more in trucks (presumably looking for his lost sister and wife, crying, hallucinating about his wife (heroine in many, many evening gowns, inappropriate for the snowy climate) standing on the roadside (shouldn't he stop the truck?), running from tree cover to tree cover (the truck with the lad driving away from her!) while KK and Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan sing pointless lyrics like 'tum mujhme ho, main tujhme hoon' so loudly you think the song would cause an avalanche...

Then he spots a bad guy who was at the drug party. And we see a chase up and down the hilltown. The baddie is caught, but he hits the lad with a stone. He loses his memory again.

Before you can say 'Whaaa!', there is another flashback of the soft focus wife who has a plan because they need to look for the missing sister. Good thing she is capable, because the lad is crying. She turns out to be a regular Jane Bond, killing five baddies (she's been kidnapped after the drug party, remember?) and helping other kidnapped and still drugged girls from the dreaded clutch of the girl smuggling gang.

If you are confused by this point, there is helpful loud music that will prevent you from falling asleep and will give you audio clues as to what to feel at that particular moment. You have been shocked by the cruelty of the big boss of the baddies already. Now the lad gets to meet him after he reaches the den of the baddies with the help of a fancy tracking device that looks like a watch. Never mind how he came by such tech, you are busy wondering how the lad manages to cry when he's beating the baddies up. But it is of no use. The big bad boss says Frederick won't let him kill the lad.

Meanwhile the wife is caught, and killed, the lad has been caught because he wants to find Frederick. Frederick is the boy who died in the prologue of the movie 19 years ago. By the time you wonder why the lad is still crying, the boss has drugged the lad and has raped him. Now he has a reason to cry, you think. But you wonder who Frederick is... The drugged lad discovers that his wife is dead and cries some more and urges the boss who's now wearing bangles to fight. Bangled boss is Frederick! So he won't fight. Lad is still in tears, but takes off the bangles, beats up the now pissed off boss and kills him. Then dies in the hospital while narrating the story.

He's still crying when the cop from Bombay goes up to him - we assume that he will do the classic 'closing of eyes' when a person dies - but no! The Bombay cop pats the dead lad's head and leaves...

The audience comes out of the theater, deafened by the background score, full of tears after having wasted two hours of their lives.

A young gay teenager watches his love die, and grows up to be the boss of a monstrous girl smuggling gangster. The boss is attracted to a young man who reminds him of his teenage love. But the young man is searching for his sister and his girlfriend who are in the clutches of girl smugglers. The encounter is sleazy and the end awful. Thankfully everyone dies.
Rating: 22%
Manisha Lakhe