Gautamiputra Satakarni Telugu Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Epic, Periodic
Jan 12, 2017 By NR

Satakarni (Balakrishna) has this dream of bringing various Kingdoms of the country under Satavahana Rule to achieve the dream of 'Akhanda Bharatha Jathi'. When he is doing that, Greek Emperor, Demetrius (Kabir Bedi) attacks the country to make real the dream of Alexander of conquering the entire globe. The rest of the story is all about the battle between the Greeks and Satavahanas.

The expectations on a warrior in Telugu films are on a different level after Baahubali. Balakrishna is nowhere near the macho looks of Prabhas and Rana but then, he will give you a feel that no one in Telugu film industry is a match to the role of Satakarni. It is more about Balayya's core strengths of raw emotions and impeccable dialogue delivery. All the action sequences are made extremely engrossing with the way he emoted in them. If not for Balayya, there is no Gautamiputra Satakarni. The rest of the cast is equally good. Hema Malini is superb as Raja Matha, Gautami Balasri. Shriya is an apt fit as Satakarni's wife, Vasishti Devi. Kabir Bedi is impressive as the baddie.

The success of Gautamiputra Satakarni will bring several laurels to director Krish. It is amazing to see what he had achieved in 80 odd days. The historical story is blended with mass elements to ensure the audience are connected. The first half of the film is very racy. The second half is a bit slow but that is not threatening.

Sai Madhav Burra came up with excellent dialogues which form the heart of the film. Chirantan Bhatt came up with an impressive album and the background score just takes the movie to the next level. Telugu audience should be indebted to Sirivennela for enthralling us with those beautiful lyrics occasionally. Production Values are astonishingly grand. The output achieved from the limited budget is extremely commendable.

Finally, Gautamiputra Satakarni is one film every Telugu audience should watch and feel proud of. There are some slight discrepancies here and there but then the satisfaction of knowing the story of a hero lost in history books will mask it all.