Ore Mukham Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | Drama, Thriller
'Ore Mukham' stands on the threshold of thriller genre, but fails to qualify. The campus thriller entertains in parts.
Dec 3, 2016 By K. R. Rejeesh

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DVD Release: Jan 28 2017

You are on a campus of the 80s where unruly Zacharia Pothen and his friends dominate invincibly by all means. As usual, you witness raggings, 'canteen humour' and perfunctory love affairs. Later we come to know about Zacharia Pothen (Dhyan Sreenivasan) as a killer in the estate double murder case.

A fugitive now, he is also linked to the current murders of his friend Aravind and a woman. A police officer and a journo probe these cases to unravel the mystery about Pothen. Who is Pothen and why he killed these people? Well, the scope for a thriller is on cards.

In his independent movie after his forgettable debut in "Cash" (co-directed with Sujith, of "Oru Korean Padam" fame) director Sajith Jagadnandan shows glimpses of craft. But cliched scenes and lack of novelty are real let-down as far as the thriller genre is concerned. The screenplay is interspersed with events from the past and present. Interestingly, the roles of teenage characters change once they become adult, and this attempt seems to be incongruous in some parts.


trite portrayal of Aju Varghese as campus comedian and his humour of bad taste are disappointing. His character Das gets a pivotal significance through Manian Pillai Raju who essays adult Das. Prayaga Martin, Gayathri Suresh and a host of youngsters become part of "Ore Mukham".

A mentee of Shaji Kailas, Sajith falters in providing a gripping narration albeit viewers become curious about the character Pothen. The lethargy in delineating events and want of conviction are vivid throughout the film.

However, a sense of reluctance lingers after watching "Ore Mukham", thanks to its incoherent treatment and scattered details.

K. R. Rejeesh