Tum Bin 2 Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Drama, Romance
Girl and Boy1 are in love. They go to ski resort and Boy 1 topples off the snowy mountain after colliding with someone on a snowmobile. Girl comes back with Papaji and everyone grieves. Papaji introduces Girl to Boy2 and because Boy2 is so endearing Girl falls in love with him. But in a twist Boy1 comes back. Who does she choose? This good idea soon falls off the snowy mountains and becomes unintentionally hilarious. A cure for those in love.
Nov 18, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

The songs written by Manoj Muntashir have brought people to watch the show which promises teary romance. You have seen Tum Bin fifteen years ago, and those who remember the story will love watching the heroine of the first movie make a brief appearance in the Gururdwara telling the Girl to stop grieving and move on.

But soulful songs cannot save a bizarre movie this turns out to be in the second half. The first half is actually good. With family and friends like camaraderie so beautifully done. The sisters: Gurpreeet and Manpreet (especially Manpreet) come across as marvelously written characters. The sardarji who loves Manpreet is a mild person who shows his inner strength later and that too is wonderful.

The problem lies with the awful, simply awful lead actors. Neha Sharma's kissy face and crying face are the same open-lipped surprise. She's the Girl in love with both Boy1 and Boy2. That's a cool thing, you'd think, but if only she had acting chops or if the boys did not look like the generic lads who frequent the gym (posing for the mirrors).

Boy1 is supposedly dead. And you'd think you want him to be alive because Girl loves him. But we have seen nothing that makes us hope and pray for him. But Girl loves him and sings a love song with him (computer graphics making her clothes blow in the non existent wind).

Boy2 sounds like a book of quotes. Having a handy Whatsapp type quote for every thing. 'Choose happiness over sadness', 'You live each moment as if it were the only moment you have been given'... You get the drift. Girl falls in love with homily boy as well. Girl and Boy2 sing so many songs, you lose count of the clothes they wear.

Speaking of clothes, the movie has been shot in beautiful Edinburgh, and in the Scottish mountains. Girl dresses as though she lives in Los Angeles. The people looking at the film shoot are covered to the gills, the boy (both 1 and 2) wear leather jackets and scarfs, Papaji wears beautiful jackets too. But girl? She has a short jacket with a fur lining, but she's wearing a teeny tiny frock that makes you feel cold. Obviously the snow machine did overtime...

The moment Boy1 comes back from the dead, the movie just turns into a farce. There is no tragedy like Sangam (Raj Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar and Vyjayantimala) no soul like Saajan (where Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt both love Madhuri Dixit). This movie is plain comical. Each boy jealous of the other and the girl staring at both open mouthed. You begin hoping the movie would have the two lads flying away into the sunset leaving the silly Girl alone.

Manisha Lakhe