Vesham Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2004
Dec 23, 2004 By Hari Krishnan


Mamootty was burdened with a huge cache of sentiments in his new movie “Vesham” directed by V.M Vinu, but fails to express it. In this era of tear jerking mega serials, it needs something different to attract the audience. ‘Vesham’ fails here. Earlier Mamootty’s awesome performance in ‘Vatsalyam’ accumulated huge acclaims from every corner but ‘Vesham’ fails to produce any impact.

Appu (Mamootty), M.D of Leela Group, an ordinary man dressed in white and white is the backbone of the family. Appu is married to Ashwathy(Mohini) and they have got two kids Kalyani and Meenaxi. His father Papettan (Innocent) and brother Hari (Indrajith) also stays with them. Appu is very fond of his brother Hari. Papettan has his own success story where he started his life as a head loader in Kozhikode market. Hari arrives from England completing his MBA and starts managing the business. He expresses his dislike over several decisions taken by Appu and the difference starts reflects in their family. Here enters the Villain Sivan (Saikumar), M.D of Bharath Motors who wants Leela Group to go down. Rest of the story is the usual fights between the hero and villain and the conflicts in the family.


A predictable Screenplay from T. A Razaak makes “Vesham” just an average movie. Director failed to bring out the talent of Mamootty. Gopika, Riyas Khan, Sindu Menon, Jagathi, Cochin Hanifa and Devi Cahndana are the other actors in the movie. Unwanted sympathetic dialogues, which has been tried in the past several times makes the audience uneasy. S. A Rajkumar’s Tamil film tunes resemble a music album shot with Malayalam actors.

Hari Krishnan