Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Action, Drama, Social
Identical twins, weepy mother, rude brother, heroine who loves hero from when she was a child, comic relief gangster, gangster who indulges brother... Every character that you see in this film is a ridiculous homage to Manmohan Desai. The director Anwar Khan has allegedly worked with the maestro for 17 years.
Sep 1, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Jimmy Sheirgill has a knack of choosing films that have proven that he's a consistent performer who can make the audience smile simply by being jilted in movie after movie. I suppose playing a double role, and that too a hero in a movie was too much of a temptation to deny himself. So he plays Man and he plays Mohan (Yes, yes, together they becomes Manmohan) to Zarina Wahab's weepy mother.

So Man is in Thailand doing no more than watch his girl dance at what B-grade filmwallahs think is a 'party' in Thailand. Of course there is a lout who wants to take a selfie with his girl, and Man beats him (and his goons) sending him to hospital. Back in the village, Mohan does little but romance his girl and help Sapna-ji (who looks like she should be in some mall and not at a village bhaji shop). Oh yes, he also wins the local swing the stick contest by beating to pulp a bunch of lathi-wielding goons paid off by his girl's brother (Murli Sharma).

Weepy Mom hankers after Thailand brother, so Mohan goes off to Thailand to bring him back. In the meanwhile, Thailand brother Man decides to return home because his girl persuades him that it isn't a good idea to take on Don (whose brother is the selfie lout).

The two brothers in two airplanes cross mid air and it is intermission. If you haven't aged by now, you would be better off if you leave the movie now. Because what happens after the lights go down again, and you are armed with coffee, is too obvious and seriously ill fitting tribute to ManMohan Desai.

The two brothers now save each other's reputation. Mohan beats up the Don's brother and his goons and the big Don himself (Arbaaz Khan, who does nothing more than wear dark glasses and look from right to left and back menacingly in extreme close-ups as though he were auditioning for the next Terminator movie). Man, now back at the village sings songs with his bhabi to be and saves his brother's reputation. Remember bhaji buying Sapna-ji? Well, she is accusing Mohan to have impregnated her and then abandoned her. Man (now Mohan) admits that the baby is his and offers to marry Sapna-ji. Sapna-ji is taken aback (one song is all it takes) and admits that Murli Sharma is the father.

Thankfully we don't see how Mohan flies back from Thailand with Man's girl and Man hands over Mohan's girl in village. We are 'treated' to scene where the girls don't know which of the brothers is theirs. You stagger out swearing that it's too much... No, cut that. You stagger out, swearing. Period.

Manisha Lakhe