Nandanam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2002 | Drama, Romantic
Dec 19, 2002 By NR

Nandanam is special just because of it's simplicity. Bravo, Ranjit. He's done it by bringing back memories of the golden age of Malayalam cinema through Nandanam which is definitely going to be a trendsetter. The trip through an emotional terrain, the heart of a teenage maidservant in love with the young master of the house- is fraught with hidden minefields of hurt, rejection and fragile egos. Ranjit unravels this beautiful love story and makes us believe that miracles do happen at times!

The story takes a typical ancestral 'tharavadu' as the backdrop . Manu (Prithvi Raj) is a Bangalore-based software engineer who is returning home to bid farewell to his close ones before he leaves for his training trip to US. He is greeted by his dear mother Thangam (Revathi) and his darling grandmother (Kaviyoor Ponnama). Here he meets Balamani the maid and falls in love with her. Thangam fixes Manu's wedding with her friend's daughter and when Manu confesses about his love to his mother, it is too late. To keep his mother happy Manu and Balamani decide to part. Meanwhile Balamani meets Unni (Aravindan), their neighbour who seems to know her innermost feelings for Manu and constantly assures her that miracles do happen. But who is Unni? And did the miracle happen?

Though from the plot it looks more or less like any other love story, director Renjith has handled it carefully to make this a very good movie. Prithvi Raj looks all set to take the industry by the horns and all eyes are on this one. He acted his role with much ease and never looks like a debutant.

Navya Nair is outstanding as Balamani, the innocent and chirpy maid. The support cast -Revathi, Innocent, Jagathy, Siddique and Kaviyoor Ponnama all do justice to their respective roles. The music by Raveendran is very good and all in all don't miss "Nandanam".