Tutak Tutak Tutiya Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Action, Comedy
A bachelor obsessed with marrying only a modern, English speaking city girl ends up marrying a village belle. Embarrassed by his predicament, he moves in an apartment occupied by a ghost of a starlet. The ghost happily occupies the wife's body and blackmails the husband. The comedy is silly and physical, and you do laugh at some jokes. But you wouldn't admit to anyone you watched the film.
Oct 6, 2016 By Manisha Lakhe

Prabhudeva is a super dancer. No one can contradict that fact. But his style of comedy which is physical, seems rather dated, But he does have good timing. And that's why the Sunday morning cartoon-type trick or simply Mad magazine's Spy Vs Spy style of imagining one thing and doing something completely lame in reality gets repetitive.

Some of the lines are funny though and you do laugh when they hit you unexpectedly, but none are memorable. But yes, the ghost watching the movie star from the ceiling was really, really unexpected. And the special effects in this scene are perfectly executed.

Sonu Sood's Shah Rukh hangover finally finds a super outlet, and he does have flashes of resemblances to the star through the film. It does get tiresome, and you wish they'd wrap up the film within a film soon. But the gags continue and we begin to feel the fatigue creep in. So much so that the end shows up quite conveniently.

Tamannah Bhatia does not have too much of a role except to wear 'heroine' outfits and dance, change costumes and dance. Oh yes, she needs to widen her eyes in anger and in her ghost role. The South Indian housewife scene with the puja aarti and a towel tied on her wet hair is so real, you can actually smell malli-poo (common flowers worn in their hair by women in South India ) in the theater. Murali Sharma is good as the stereotypical star secretary.

There are many songs in the film but none memorable despite Prabhu Deva's dancing. Had the tale been told without wandering after every gag, the film would have been more enjoyable. Wait for it to show up on cable.

Manisha Lakhe