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Gangster   (2016)  (Bengali)
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Gangster Review

Gangster shot in beautiful locations is another average action thriller with romantic overtones.
2 out of 5 (Average) Gangster  NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Rwita Dutta
Rating: Crictiq: 2.0 - Read Review  2/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.0/5 | Users: 2/5
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Gangster is a romantic, action, crime thriller shot in the exotic locales of Turkey. The story primarily revolves around Guru/Kabir (played by debutante Yash Dasgupta) and Ruhi's (Mimi Chakraborty) love story.

Kabir has a criminal background yet possess a heart of gold. He is nurtured by the mafia supreme whom he fondly calls Baba (played brilliantly by Bratya Basu).Kabir aka Guru remains a baddie until he meets and falls for Ruhi, an angel with a bottle of antiseptic in hand! With Ruhi, Guru finds his abode of happiness unless he is shot fatally by five anonymous assassins and here comes the twist in the film.

The suspense elements are not altogether unconvincing, provided the Director would have spent quality time in framing the dialogues. Each sentence seems to have risen from the graveyard of fossilised Bengali melodramas, a la Swapan Saha walking in Taksim Square!

That's the real drawback of the film. The acting department, barring the main two protagonists (Yash and Mimi) others are quite good. The film has again proved that the Bengali film industry has not done justice to a performer like Bratya Basu who jolly well deserves the maximum accolades. His kohl rimmed eyes, baritone voice and cold expressions send shivers to the spine.

Shantilal Mukherjee as the cop tried to deliver his best. Gaurav Chakraborty, as the conscience keeper looked really good on screen, he should have appeared there more often. Another discovery is Saurav Das as Guti, the eternal good hearted friend of the hero. What is the real motif in using Anusuya Mazumder in such a cameo role is yet to be comprehended. The biggest fad is that all the people, even the local Turkish ones, are speaking in Hindi and English. How is that?

The songs might be appreciated by en masse, though Arijit Singh seems repetitive. Subhankar Bhar is extraordinary as the Director of Photography. He has used his talent in the maximum way. With all these superior elements intact, the film never leaves a long-lasting impact on the audience because of sheer lack of solid content and below average dialogues.

Turkey, with its breathtaking location has always inspired Directors to include it as the backdrop of their films, especially in the recent Hindi films like Race 2, Ek Tha Tiger, and Game etc and have done full justice to it.
Critic: Rwita Dutta
 2 out of 5 (Average) 2 out of 5 (Average)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
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