Kurangu Bommai Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
The movie is another novel attempt by an aspiring debutante film maker who could have concentrated more on screenplay to make the sort of film that he would have wanted to make.
Sep 2, 2017 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

When I first saw the teaser of 'Kurangu Bommai' I was very much intrigued. I predicted a thriller that happens within a short time frame. That too with Bharathiraja worked into the equation, the curiosity factor was doubled. Then when I learnt that the debut director Nithilan has risen up from short films, it quadrupled. So I made sure to not miss this one, which I thought held a potential for that little classic gem in the lines of 'Oru Kidaayin...'

The movie is in line with any other modern day thriller that starts with a crime which goes awry when the middle man tries to play smart while exchanging a smuggled good for a huge sum. Of course, the innocent get butchered in the process, and then the crime is avenged by the rightful and the righteous.

The setting is a familiar one - a happy family with a doting father (Bharathiraja) and son (Vidharth). Their rapport and the depth of their relationship is unwound when the movie goes back and forth with some subtle scenes depicting their love for each other. For instance, Vidharth's picture is the backdrop in Bharathiraja's phone and Vidharth has his father's picture in his wallet.

Also, Bharathiraja's character and his rapport with his employer (P.L. Thenappan), who is a rogue, was well etched. The scene where Bharathiraja describes the backstory of their rapport was something beautiful, touching and straight from the heart. Kumaravel's character as that of a cunning middleman sends a chill down the spine.

Vidharth and Delna Davis didn't have much to do but were roped in to help the story move forward. The person who performed the role as that of a pick pocket stays committed to his character with respect to his looks, but his acting skills need much more restraint. He was unable to hold his expressions.

Director Nithilan was able to achieve the sort of thrills that he wanted to bring forth with a manipulative screenplay that had so many things happen by coincidence. But as long as it is interesting no one complains. But the portions with Vidharth and Delna Davis need not have been exhaustive. Yes, I know that the movie is just over 100 minutes, but I wouldn't mind chopping the scenes depicting the lead pair and their chemistry because the story in question doesn't need them.

Also, Vidharth's act of posting the picture of a bag on Facebook in the belief of finding and handing it over to its owner was a far fetched assumption but nevertheless made the proceedings look quite interesting.

Technically the movie was standard with no real scope for cinematography or editing. But tidy work from both the department as in they didn't hamper the proceedings. Music and BGM were just about ok and nothing noteworthy.

The movie is another novel attempt by an aspiring debutante film maker who could have concentrated more on screenplay, so that he would have achieved much more thrilling moments, but nevertheless he compensates it with elements of sentiment and subsequent chills - the art of depicting the most violent scene is through the reflections from the criminal's eye - I can sense a filmmaker with some potential that needs to be properly channelized. All the best!!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran