Ayya Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Jan 12, 2005 By IANS

Another splendid performance from Sarath Kumar. His Pongal release "Ayya" has the right dose of emotions, drama and action. Hari, the director played precisely by giving Sarath a memorable role.

The whole film rolls in a village Ambasamudram in Tenkasi. Ayyadurai (elder Sarath Kumar) and Madasamy (Napolean) are close friends and they belong in different casts. They work for the welfare of society and believe in peace among people. Once they have helped the village from a famine. During that Ayyadurai had to kill the corrupt MLA for smuggling rice during the famine meant for the needy.

Ayyadurai is treated like God and becomes an independent MLA to continue his welfare programme. He is married to Kalyani (Lakshmi) and has a son Chelladurai (younger Sarath). Karuppusamy (Prakash Raj), son of the MLA killed by Ayyadurai enters the scene with revenge in mind. He plans the to kill Ayyadurai and wants to become MLA.

Chelladurai is also a do-gooder and an ideal son who lives for his parents and villagers. Selvi (Nayantara) is Madaswamy's daughter who has a silent admiration towards Chelladurai that slowly turns into love. Both the families agree for the wedding but Karuppuswamy intervenes and stops the wedding and thereby sowing seeds of enemity between Ayyadurai and Madaswamy. The rest of the film is all about the father and son trying to bring back peace between both the families.

Sarath Kumar's amazing performance as father is really appreciable. His looks, gestures and the dialogue delivery truly remain in the heart of the audience for a long time. Napolean, Prakash Raj and Lakshmi are doing their part very well. Nayanthara's presence in the screen with her beautiful smile is crowd winning.

Music score from Bharadwaj combines well in the story line and give extra life to the movie. With all the parts working well in the film "Ayya" is a clean family entertainer with no violence, no vulgarity and no nonsense.