Thaana Serntha Koottam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | UA
Thaana Serndha Kootam holds the entertainment quotient high with a presentation filled with whacks and quirks! Worth a watch!!
Jan 13, 2018 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

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A couple of years back when the movie was announced, it aroused a lot of curiosity for obvious reasons. It was then that director Vignesh Shivan had churned out a refreshing 'Naanum Rowdy Thaan' and his combination with Suriya was something worth being intrigued - isn't it? Then, a year back, came the motion poster - Suriya who was clad in a white dhoti with a crowd behind and the title read "Thaana Serndha Kootam" - well, then the air was "conducive" enough to perceive it as a political-themed action thriller.

Now that TSK has released and just before the release I happen to learn that the movie is an adaptation of the Bollywood Akshay Kumar flick, "Special 26", that was released a few years back. Based on real incidents that happened in the 80s, this movie showcases the group heists carried out by men and women who "aspired" to do something in life and also "contribute" to the society.

Since I haven't watched "Special 26", I can't really compare and analyze how this one has relatively shaped up. But all I could say after watching TSK is that it was meant to be a rollicking entertainer and the movie has largely attained what it was meant to do - entertain and make room for some mindless laughter.

There was a formal "hero introduction" for Suriya, followed by a mass number, the famously foot-tapping "Sodakku" song, that has become viral, thanks to social media and FM. Then came the formulaic problem statement of embarrassment and suffering that the hero and his cronies undergo at the hands of evil bureaucrats (in this case it's the CBI). If Kamal could become a doctor in "Vasool Raja...", why not Suriya in TSK then? He becomes a "CBI" and has a gang of "officers" led by a terrific Azhagu Meena a.k.a Jhansi Rani (Ramya Krishnan).

The movie though walks on thin ice by making some political commentaries and some innate logical flaws, the period of the proceedings rescues it largely. By the way, the 80s was brought forth with some negligence and that was too evident from Suriya's wardrobes which screamed 2018!!

Keerthi Suresh as the member of the heist group was seen in just 4 scenes. There was a customary "love-at-first-sight" sequence followed by a couple of songs - the "Peela" song was absolutely unnecessary. Then there was a "proposal" episode that was so cliched.

When would our heroes and directors understand that a "mass" hero can be at his best even without a heroine besides him? Ramya Krishnan had a meatier role and tickled our nerves with her innocent portrayal as a desperate housewife who struggles to make ends meet. Karthik and Suresh Menon as the cop and CBI combo were intelligently hand-picked and they meant business.

Anirudh's music helped the movie to a large extent, however, the background score was loud. It was as if someone was playing the drums and trumpets on top of our ears. Cinematography and editing were neat and tidy.

The movie could have done without a heroine and some trimming. Also, the justification for the title with Suriya helping people to reach where they deserved with the help of the ill-gotten money provoked a cliched "masala" debate.

Barring these flaws, director Vignesh Shivan has held the entertainment quotient high and brings in that zing with a presentation filled with whacks and quirks that unfolded in the most uncanny manner on screen. Watch it with your family for once while rejoicing the Pongal festivities!!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran