Katha Nayagan Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | U | Drama
Katha Nayagan, is a bunch of scenes cobbled together with a good dose of spoofs and goofs which doesn't really care for a story.
Sep 10, 2017 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

For the 80s born, this movie's title would surely bring forth fond memories of the 1988 movie starring S.Ve.Sekar and Pandiarajan, which bore the same title. Those were the humble days where people like 'Crazy' Mohan were in their prime, dishing out lines off the wall at the drop of a hat. I am not complaining or comparing today's writing with yesteryear's, but just that the things that are being perceived as funny today aren't funny enough.

Let's dig into "Katha Nayagan (2017)". Chandran (Vishnu) is a coward who shies away from anything serious or violent. Even crossing a busy road gives him nightmares. In comes Bhavani (Catherine) whom he eventually falls in love with (what else then?). Bhavani's dad objects their love as he wants to marry off his daughter to a real "man". After some unspirited flow of random events, Chandran manages to impress his "would be" father-in-law with a dramatic climax fight. Guess what - it's a happy ending!

The movie tries to strike a balance between a comic masala and a spoof. It falters largely trying to do both. All we end up getting is a few enjoyable parts, especially towards the climax when 'Motta' Rajendiran's vocals light up the proceedings. Also, Anandraj in a Dubai Sheikh's role did something similar to what he did in 'Mundasupatti' - a villain in desperate times, trying to be serious, but is mocked by circumstances.

These movies should have writers like Nalan or Sundar C (though they can't equate Crazy Mohan) whose forte is comedy. Also, this begs the question whether every director should write his/her own script? Why can't they borrow a script from a good writer or collaborate with like-minded writers? That way they can concentrate more on the direction.

I understand that it's not my duty to give a free consultation for film makers but to just ponder for reasons behind such "unspirited writing", especially when it comes to humour. How unfunny have we become these days?

Vishnu's role was a safe bet and didn't demand much from him. Catherine's was also similar. Soori as the comic relief was good. Others in the cast were a standard fare but nothing special because the script didn't hold any.

Music and BGM from Sean were foot tapping but nothing gets registered once the song is over. Other technicalities were just about average.

"Katha Nayagan", is a bunch of scenes cobbled together with a good dose of spoofs and goofs which doesn't really care for a story. Go with low expectations and you may laugh at the slapsticks or you are better off watching it for Diwali in one of your favourite satellite channels.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran