Thammar Boyfriend Review

Nandini Mitra,a septuagenarian, lives alone in a palatial mansion in Debimongolpur with her maid Puti. She has a son (Biswajit Chakraborty) with a domineering wife (Dolon Roy) and a daughter Rimli (Arunima Ghosh). Nanibala also has a daughter Mita(played by Sudipa Basu),a son-in-law with a daughter Jhimli. Nandini Mitra,one fine morning, summons every member of the family who seldom come to visit her.

The family members are extremely busy and rarely come to visit her even when she is suffering from Pneumonia or had a leg injury. She declares that she is going to get married and that too, to a handsome man in his 30's, Partha(Abir Chatterjee). Thus begins the never ending roller coaster ride of fun and frolic, pun and banter. What happens in the end is up to the audience to discover!

What begins as a cougar love story is enmeshed with family drama and eventually becomes an extended mega serial. There is nothing in the film to cherish. Sabitri chatterjee, a powerful veteran actress has been wasted in a role because of the poor script and dismal dialogues. Abir Chatterjee looked good but had nothing to add. Wary of his repeated version of Byomkesh Bakshi,the famous detective of Bengali literature,probably got a relief in the film. No action, no usage of brain,only he had to stand tall and look glossy which he did without a murmur!

It's high time Arunima Ghosh enrol herself in an acting class, she needs some serious lessons about acting. Supriyo Dutta can never come out of his amplified overacting. Sudipa is a good actress with some serious theatre background in her forte. She is watchable. Biswajit Chakraborty acted like a moron. Dolon Roy is tolerable.

Surprise came from the person expected the least. Lama is brilliant as driver Balbinder Singh. With his proper comic timings and correct gesticulations, he steals the show. The music is a great bore. Editing by Sujoy Dutta Roy is ok. Supriyo Dutta,cinematographer seems to have followed the directors instructions blindly.

With this kind of terrible script and below average dialogues no brilliant actor or technicians can save the boat from drowning. Cinema is a Directors' medium and he is the captain of the ship! Whether the ship sinks or swims, the sole responsibility is his

A comedy/Family Drama, tried to be hilarious but severely failed in offering a good story. (1.4) - Rwita Dutta