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Blade Runner 2049  ( UA ) (2017)  (English)
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Blade Runner 2049 Review

| [ Also in 3D ]
Blade Runner: 2049 is the perfect sequel that arrives once in a blue moon.
4.5 out of 5 (Very Good) Blade Runner 2049 NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Vighnesh Menon
Rating: Crictiq: 4.5 - Read Review  4.5/5
Nowrunning Critics: 4.5/5 | Users: 4.3/5
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Ridley Scott's original Blade Runner was a big-budget film whose cult status and hellish production anecdotes keep floating in Hollywood folklore. Its sequel, though, will have no such qualms, considering the perfection and innovation that define its each frame.

After Blade Runner: 2049, it remains no secret that Denis Villeneuve is one of the greatest international filmmakers of this generation. Not everyday do you see a Hollywood blockbuster delving into the most intricate, meditative and inconspicuous form of filmmaking. This is a film that is more arthouse than commercial, risking box office success to reach improbable creative heights.

Villeneuve, unlike many a big-budget director, uses scale to effectively convey his mind-bending continuation of an already heavily-analysed genre film. Scott, also the producer of the sequel, had already laid the platform for Villeneuve by building a futuristic world full of disintegrating morals. Still, Villeneuve understands what 'inspiration' means, and furthers Scott's aesthetic and themes in the way he knows best. Curiously, Villeneuve's film, although as cold-hearted as its original, is more intimate. We had previously observed this dystopian world and its cynical ways in all their expansiveness. Now we get to dive deeper into this web of ambiguity, seeking big answers but coming out with bigger questions.

Villeneuve's dream team of actors and technicians doesn't put one foot wrong. Most notable is Roger Deakins' involvement behind the camera, creating frames of jaw-dropping beauty. The images are never overpowering. They simply complement the momentous atmosphere with suitably magnetic lighting and composition.

Add to that a sonic appeal that is as good at creating tremors as it is at hypnotizing the listener. 2049's sublime mise-en-scene introduces a new benchmark for other auteur and flaunts the sheer determination of making an impact on the viewer.

Ryan Gosling should feel lucky to be a part of visually breath-taking films (Drive, Only God Forgives, La La Land and now, Blade Runner: 2049), time and again. But, he himself is indispensable for such films. Villeneuve chooses the right guy to fill the original hero, Harrison Ford's shoes. His character's complexities are externalized with immense conviction by Gosling. Even though Ford returns as Deckard, Gosling's protagonist is the ultimate soul of this film. His existential dilemma reflects the overarching duality of replicants as well as humans, and the actor's range makes sure it is safe in his hands. Even Ford is much more mature and restrained as the old Deckard, as the film slightly demystifies his head-scratching real identity.

Blade Runner: 2049 is a great example of films that matter. It is such films that open the inexplicable power of cinema as a medium of exchanging emotions and ideas. It is such films that are an escape from reality, mirror to reality, hyper-reality and alternate reality, all at once.
Critic: Vighnesh Menon
 4.5 out of 5 (Very Good) 4.5 out of 5 (Very Good)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
3.0 - 3.4: Good
3.5 - 5.0: Very Good

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Sreejith M P  Super Reviewer
Denis is a humanist and a romantic. In Blade Runner 2049 he gives us Frank Sinatra in a hologram. He also makes a replicant embrace a hologram as Gosling makes a career of loving nonhumans, first with Lars and the Real Girl and now Blade Runner 2049. Just breathtaking work from Deakins who'se yet to win an Oscar for cinematography. Amid all the soaring visuals, the fight between Deckard and "K" stands out - (why would Sinatra dance as these two fights their own inner demons? To make us think.   Blade Runner 2049 User Rating


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