Achuvinte Amma Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Jan 27, 2005 By Hari Krishnan

Love is possessiveness; in every age we all are fascinated to something. Selfishness grows along with love. It is a universal fact. But is the love between mother and a daughter selfish, 'Achuvintte Amma' has something to assert.

Satyan Anthikkad presented the well-scripted tale from Ranjan Pramod splendidly which will definitely linger in your heart. The film is about the mother-daughter relationship that runs into rough weather following some misunderstandings.

Vanaja (Urvasi) a very diligent lady working as an LIC agent spare no time. Ashwathy (Meera Jasmine), known as Achu is her only daughter. She completed her Civil Engineering and got a job in a construction company. These two share a special bond and Achu has no secrets in her life. They are like friends and look like sisters. They lead a peaceful life.Immanuel John, Ijo (Sunil Kumar), a lawyer by profession, specialized in accident claims becomes Achu's friend and as day advances both fell in love, but shockingly Vanaja turns against the relation. Ijo was alone and nobody knew anything about his family. That was his only drawback. Vanaja wants her daughter married to a house where lots of people are there to take care.

Achu floats the unanswered question about her father. This subject was never discussed between them and Achu never raised it before because her mother will be upset. Vanaja was helpless and hearing Achu's queries Vanaja slaps her for the first time. Achu walks out of the house and approaches Ijo, but he discourages and sends her back. Achu stays with her colleague.

Achu was adamant and she wants to know her fathers name but Urvasi was helpless. Ijo tried to take back her home but Achu remained unchanged. Days passed and one day Achu suffered an accident and admitted in a Hospital. Achu still remained inflexible and at last Vanaja tells her story to Ijo. And that is the soul of the film.

Urvasi registers a brilliant comeback. Meera Jasmine excels with her natural performance and Sunil Kumar an upcoming star has long way to go. Actors like KPAC Lalitha, Innocent, Sukumari and Oduvil Unnikrishnan supported the main actors very well.

'Achuvintte Amma' is a relevant subject that both scriptwriter and director dealt with very efficiently. Satyan Anthikkad reiterates that good films can win the heart of public and he is still with family oriented subject, which has a moral value in the society. Ilayaraja with his magical tunes blends very well with the film. The sad song 'Onnu Pinaggathe... is very touching. It may not be a blockbuster movie but a pure family movie is out there for the audience.

Hari Krishnan