Ji Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Feb 8, 2005 By Aparna Nath

Is this the same Ajith who had acted so beautifully in "Vaali", appeared so vulnerable in "Mugavari" and looked so handsome in "Kandukondein, Kandukondein"?

Films like "Citizen", "Attahasam" and "Jana" seem to have corrupted the actor, making him in his mid-30s look completely jaded.

With baggy eyes, a swollen face and a prominent paunch, Ajith plays the role of a college student rather unconvincingly in "Ji".

The film starts with Ajith (Vasu) coming out of the jail after serving a seven-year sentence.

The initial scenes are poignant, meeting old friends, now well settled in life. But the moment the flashback starts, it is all over.

The problems for Vasu start with his friends forcing him to run the college elections.

The local legislator - naturally a villain - enters the scene when his son wants to use college politics as a springboard for higher ambition.

Fights follow - and there is plenty of violence and blood.Violence intensifies with Vasu deciding to enter the political arena. And by the end the film is reduced to just blood, gore and more mindless violence.

Lingusamy fails miserably as a writer, with the film's storyline as old as vintage wine. The film cannot even be called old wine in a new bottle.

Though he has done a decent job as a director, "Ji" is not a patch compared to his first film "Anandam".

The problem is that Lingusamy wants Ajith to dominate, making "Ji" not the director's film but the star's.

And what is Trisha doing in a film like this? Of course, she looks cute, but she has nothing to do except ride a bicycle and dance for a few songs. She is not even an ornamental piece here.

The other actors, especially Vijayakumar as Ajith's father, have performed their roles well.

The songs by Vidyasagar are so unimpressive that you can't remember even one after you come out of the theatre.

Aparna Nath