Paviyettante Madhurachooral Malayalam Movie Review

Dec 9, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Sreenivasan, the writer, goes preachy in this conventional and stereotypic family drama interwoven with a fragile emotional thread. School teacher Pavithran, played by Sreenivasan himself, is a man of moral values and when a dent befalls it, he draws flak from people around him. He is a tolerant hero, who sacrifices his virtues for his wife. Director Sreekrishnan takes us to this uneventful milieu blended with mediocre sequences and occasional humour that kindles only a fleeting smile on your face.

The writer's penchant for organic farming and indigenous crops permeates the hobbling plot of 'Paviyettante Madhurachooral' with a dollop of preachy elements. The usual catalysts like wit and riposte in the dialogues are hard to come by in this ordinary screenplay. It's not the double-edged sword as you would expect from Sreenivasan as a writer, instead, it's less sharp sans any real focus.

The film opens with the elopement scene of Aannie (Lena) with Pavithran. Years pass by, now they are school teachers. The childless couple is loved by the colleagues as well as the villagers. Pavithran is a strong exponent of organic farming and his organisation Harithasena stands for pesticide-free vegetables and natural products. Businessman Mathukutty (Vijayaraghavan) despises Pavithran as he incurred losses in his trade due to Pavithran's stance for organic farming.

The couple is active in agriculture in their leisure times. Once an unexpected guest, Anandhu, played by Shebin Benson, appears in front of Aannie, and it creates serious problems in the life of Pavithran. Sreenivasan executes the dilemma of Pavithran with his undertone portrayal. The appearance of Anandhu in the house gradually gives the hint about the tale and obviously, the proceedings become predictable. Lack of any novelty is the real issue of 'Paviyettante Madhurachooral' and the sweetening factors are hardly enough to satisfy you.

Lena single-handedly holds the film in the vital parts though dramatic treatment mitigates the impact. The scene of Aannie's rejoining with her brother's family hardly rises to the convincing level albeit the director treats it too casually for a difference. Aannie owns the emotional burden of Pavithran's actions but she half-heartedly despises him. The bond of their mutual love is so intense and you may wonder, the same intensity is not gone into the narration.

'Paviyettante Madhurachooral' with a length of barely two hours emphasises on the sincerity and care for each other while in a relationship. The outdated formula and the overdose focus on organic farming bungle the threads of enjoyment. In contrast to the title, this bamboo stick fails to offer sweet moments but guides you to a predictable route filled with parched emotions. Cinematographer P. Sukumar captures some notable visuals apt for the premise.

Scripted by Sreenivasan, family drama 'Paviyettante Madhurachooral' is loaded with conventional elements. The tale of a teacher couple, who is childless, with their dilemma of the sudden appearance of a teenager in their family simply lacks novelty. This predictable plot is a blend of preachy elements and lacklustre events.
Rating: 5 / 10
K. R. Rejeesh