Aadu 2 Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | Comedy, Drama
Flunking at some departments and catching up to the benchmark at others, Aadu 2 doesn't scale the odd heights of the first part.
Dec 22, 2017 By Vighnesh Menon

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DVD Release: Mar 16 2018

Even though word of mouth resurrected the eccentric little film that was Aadu Oru Beekara Jeeviyaanu(2015), it ended at a very weird place, prompting a box of burning questions regarding closure to many of its subplots and characters. So, the follow-up, Aadu 2, would naturally be expected to shoulder the responsibility of picking up the pieces and taking the larger story forward or to a cohesive stop. Alas, it has other plans, which may just have made it as polarizing as the original.

Banking on the flaming cult status and hype meter behind its materialization, Aadu 2 stays true to its inheritance by going all-out crazy and bizarre in its quest for madcap entertainment. The rural comedy of errors that made Aadu 1 a pleasant surprise is simply recreated here with slight tweaks here and there. But, what has really changed is the image makeover of Shaji and his gang of social misfits. Having been celebrated over the years not just as characters but pop culture icons, the pressure to resell them to the audience seems to have got the better of writer-director Midhun Manuel Thomas, who chooses to change them from oddball underdogs to an invincible wolf pack. Shaji Pappan(Jayasurya) is palpably leveled up to the ultimate action hero despite his pre-existing hip pain and fluctuating enethusiasm, which does more harm than good to what made him a favourite in the first place.


y, Aadu 2 appears to have more legitimate jokes up its sleeve than part one. That said, the new characters introduced here do not make up for the excluded characters from Aadu, including notable ones like Chemban Vinod's High Range Hakkim and Sandra Thomas' Menaka. Jayasurya, Saiju Kurup and Dharmajan are still epic in their respective roles. The ensemble is again in prime form, exploding with loud, slapstick humour and fun.

It is in Aadu's unapologetic randomness and abandon that it found its footing. The same goes for Aadu 2, even if the titular goat, Pinky, is an absentee character whose thematic layer is sorely missed. Therefore, this sequel can be seen as a rehash of the original, sans its soul- the same, expressionless goat.

Vighnesh Menon


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