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An unsavoury mix of infatuation and nostalgia makes this film a soulless romantic drama.
Nov 25, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

Romance, though puerile, has become an integral factor nowadays when a film highlights the school life of the protagonist. Debutant Arun Vaiga directed "Chembarathipoo" holds this instinct prominently and carries on the trait till the end. As a result, the film turns out to be a mere imitation of teenage love appeared in many other films. So here the infatuation of Vinod Sasi (Askar Ali) is neither appealing nor refreshing.

Arun relies on the trite ways while narrating the love story of Vinod on both occasions in his life. The lackluster treatment gradually keeps the viewers at bay and the melodrama fails to bring the required impact. While Vinod falls for Neena Jacob (Parvathy Arun) at first sight, Neena develops a crush on him for no reason. Like the immature romance, the superficial tale showcases Vinod as a tragic hero, who bears the wounds of his failed romantic affair with Diya John (Aditi Ravi) at school. But nowhere you would trace the vindications for the hero's pangs since the romantic scenes are devoid of sincerity and passable.

Askar Ali seems to a baffled hero and he satisfies us with a mediocre performance. The perfunctory visuals of school life only help us watch the characters clad in school uniform and the events are not really refreshing. Aditi Ravi has room for a meaningful performance and she does it effortlessly in the climax scenes. But Parvathy Arun has little scope for offering an eye-grabbing performance.

With a title that triggers the feel of rural milieu, Arun flounders in elevating the romantic story to another level as he embraces run-of-the-mill narration. The film is a botched up effort in portraying the romance (read as infatuation) and sacrifice of a young man. The slipshod editing by the director only aggravates the burden in the latter half.

Since this love story does not bloom on time, the film struggles to attain its maturity. The bland tale of dual romance succeeds to remarkably suppress the refreshing element.

K. R. Rejeesh


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Rajoy Alfes

The movie has a dull start, but it slowly gathers momentum and steals the heart of the audience. But the movie does not... Show more
The movie has a dull start, but it slowly gathers momentum and steals the heart of the audience. But the movie does not deserve a better rating because of the many loose ends it leaves here and there. Further, the length of 145 minutes could have been cut short by 30 minutes easily. The comedy scenes in the first half of the film were substandard. However, the movie is a good one time watch.