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Semma was a stale show from GVP and debutante director Vallikanth, whose plot and story line were all over the place, making it a vile mess!!
May 26, 2018 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

"Semma", the title refers to the most common adverbial superlative in Tamil, usually intended to convey something positive or superior. I wish if I could only say something about the movie using the expletive it would be "Semma bore". Director Vallikanth who seem to have been inspired by the real-life story of his friend has come up with a screenplay that competes for the worst of 2018.

Kuzhandhai (GV Prakash), desperately tries to get hitched. His mom (Sujatha) and friend (Yogi Babu) support him in the effort. Soon, his engagement is about to get finalized with the girl of his dreams, Magizhini (Arthana). Then, due to a turn of events, the engagement gets cancelled. Did Magizhini and Kuzhandhai unite?

First of all, the movie's core plot seemed to be an extension of Pandiraj's "Idhu Namma Aalu" which released a couple of years back. Incidentally, Pandiraj is the producer of this movie and the director happens to be his associate. The movie that is touted to be a full-length comedy, had hardly any lines worthy of a laughter. One could only manage a smirk with the way things panned out.

There were cliches after cliches. GVP in an interview had mentioned that he wanted to reach the rural mass audience and so he wanted to accept this movie. After watching the movie, his understanding of cinema is debatable. Setting the story in a suburb of Trichy alone doesn't guarantee the kind of reach he expects. It ought to be the characters and the plot points - in short, the basis for any movie worth its salt!

The direction was too amateurish and it felt like the scenes were shot in a rush without bothering to go for retakes or employing nuanced filmmaking techniques. Yogi Babu was seen throughout along with GVP as a refreshing sidekick, but he ran dry after some time. Kovai Sarala in a tailored role was at her best as always, but couldn't stand out from this vile mess.

Director Vallikanth, whose name hints at an overzealous director who wants to make a mark in Tamil cinema should first learn the nuances of storytelling and come up with something substantial. Stars alone cannot save films and that has been proved time and time again.

Baranidharan Sivasankaran