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Baaghi 2  ( UA ) (2018)  (Hindi)
Hollywood gave us Rambo and his ilk in the late 80s. Bollywood seems to be still stuck there. Baaghi 2 is pure homage to these bad action flicks. It's full of corny manufactured situations and characters, and dialog that make you choke on the cheese nachos. So bad, it's good.
2 out of 5 (Average) Baaghi 2 NOWRUNNING REVIEW | Manisha Lakhe
Rating:  1.9/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.0/5 | External Critics: 1.8/5 | Users: 3/5
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Tiger Shroff wasn't even born when Col. Trautman warned off Teasel: 'You don't seem to want to accept the fact you're dealing with an expert in guerrilla warfare, with a man who's the best, with guns, with knives, with his bare hands. A man who's been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke. In Vietnam his job was to dispose of enemy personnel. To kill! Period! Win by attrition. Well Rambo was the best.'

That was way back in 1982, and to watch them reenact the Vietnam war vet against the cops of a small town in Goan jungles that are filled with Thai mercenaries (and big supposed Russian and Israeli goons) with a delightful Randeep Hooda as cop called LSD (Loha Singh Dhul) who has in his own words come to goa to, 'Udte Punajb ko zameen par laya ab doobte Goa ko bachane aaya hoon' ('Saved Punjab from flying -- a reference to drugs from film Udta Punjab - and now have come to Goa to save it from drowning'). You wish there was more for Randeep to do than just the last killer dialog. But that's taking everything away from the Rambo recreation.

So Tiger Shroff (looks a lot more grown up with facial fuzz) is Ranveer Pratap Singh formerly a fun college dude who is now in the Army. The film begins with tie a 'bad' Kashmiri to his jeep to prevent locals from Molotov cocktailing the jeep and him scene (borrowed from real life). Once you realise that there is going to be nothing original, you forget to add extra cheese to your popcorn. It's there on the screen.

The heroine and the hero exchange I hate you messages which turn into love. You could barf into your neighbor's popcorn, but the girl (Disha Patani) is rather presentable, so you don't. She's not big in the acting chops department though, and neither is Tiger (but who needs acting when Sly Stallone got by with grunts?). We meet a Hyderabadi Muslim car garage guy (Deepak Dobriyal) who loses his Hyderabadi lingo as the movie progresses. No one cares because lots of bones are being broken in good action scenes. Mercifully, there are not too many of slo-mo shots of muscles vibrating in response to punches scenes.

The coolest fight scene is that of the duo fighting tiger in the garage. Ten marks on ten. Even though the same duo hang someone with a rather implausibly thick rope earlier in the film, you love the synchronised fighting. Niice!

So a child is missing and the girl asks the boy for help. The cops look shady and won't help, and our hero takes on the bad guys in a spectacular Rambo Redux fashion. Dead bodies of bad guys float down the Mekong... I mean Mandovi, and our hero has blown up helicopters too. They should give everyone who comes to the movies camouflage paint to help celebrate such awesome unoriginality. The girl is found! Of course there is a Col. Trautman and Teasle scene (except it is is between Randeep Hooda and the army guy), but is was fun to see homage to Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with Disha Patani showing up as Tina like ghost watching Tiger massage daughter's hair gingerly. As they say in Bombay, 'Full Paisa Vasool!' (Got my money's worth!)
Critic: Manisha Lakhe
 2 out of 5 (Average) 2 out of 5 (Average)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
3.0 - 3.4: Good
3.5 - 5.0: Very Good

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Sam Patel 
I loved movie, specially Tiger shroff's both side..soft well controlled role and great action... story line was good too with suspense... it takes a lot to produce such film, there were so many minor details taken care at least in my opinion - make film great and hold you...   Baaghi 2 User Rating

Mallika Rupakula 
Meaningless fights make the movie boring in the second half. The first half is sensible though.
Tiger Shroff's energy is appreciable.Let it be dance or fights. Disha Patani is cute and carries on her charm from 'Dhoni- The Untold Story'.
Prateek Babbar, a talented actor, is wasted in the movie.
Overall, the film is a utter waste and meaningless!
  Baaghi 2 User Rating


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