Yathrakkarude Shradhakku Malayalam Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama, Family
Jan 2, 2003 By NR

Satyan Anthikkad has finally managed to give Jayaram the long elusive hit, with a bold and innovative Yatrakkarude Sraddakku. Satyan, known for his light-hearted family entertainers, has this time teamed with scriptwriter Srinivasan and has churned out a rather unusual love story.

Jyothi ( Soundarya) a software engineer gets a job in Chennai. On her way to join work, she meets Ramanujam (Jayaram) in the train. Ramanujam is an engineer working in the same city and soon they become friends. They part at the railway station but meet occasionally. Jyothi finds it difficult to get a rented house and on insistence of their common friend Paul (Innocent) she starts sharing an apartment with Ramanujam. She treats Ramanujam as her close friend, but he has a silent admiration for her.

One day she shocks Ramanujam by inviting him for her engagement with Pradeep, and he goes for it along with Paul. But after getting drunk at the function, Paul blurts out to the invitees and Pradeep that Jyothi shared an apartment with Ramanujam in Chennai and soon the marriage is dropped. On the rebound Ramanujam ties the knot with Jyothi at the same muhurtham and they come to Chennai. But Jyothi takes her sweet revenge on Ramanujam by not talking to him or accepting him as her husband. And Ramanujam finally decides to tell all the truth to Pradeep and sent her with him. Will Jyothi go with Pradeep in the climax?

Jayaram works and reworks all his tried-and tested comic antics all over again. Soundarya who is new to Malayalam steals the show, as the matured Jyothi and has come out with an excellent performance. Innocent, Siddique and Srinivasan have all excelled in their roles.