Diya Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | UA
Diya would go down as another hackneyed effort from director Vijay who only seems to be interested in the aesthetics involved in film making rather than the core plot.
Apr 28, 2018 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

The promotional posters of the movie and its earlier title (Karu) said it all, loud and clear. So, the movie's story was a no-brainer. Being an AL Vijay film, I was expecting nothing out of the ordinary but for a clean and professional craft that is etched with good technicalities.

Thulasi (Sai Pallavi) gets pregnant during her early college days through Krishna (Naga Shourya). Predictably parents from both the sides coerce Thulasi to abort the foetus. A reluctant Thulasi with a heavy heart goes for it. After 5 years Thulasi and Krishna tie the knot, but things take a violent turn. The unborn child's spirit haunts and kills their parents who coerced them for an abortion.

"Predictable" would be an understatement for this plot. It was so linear and monotonous even though the running time was a little over 2 hours. Several questions remain unanswered throughout. Why does the ghost wait for them to unite? Why not finish off their parents soon after the abortion?

Sai Pallavi maintains her natural best throughout, while Naga Shourya plays the second fiddle, thanks to his alien emotions and features. RJ Balaji (plays the role of SI Raghavan) as the "stupid" cop tries to make the comic bits work but wasn't given enough screen space. His role was quite over-the-top even for masala movie standards. Towards the end, his transformation to a seriously rational cop who takes things into his own hands for the investigation was also not justified either.

This would go down as another hackneyed effort from director Vijay who has built a great production design team over the years. Had he spent a fraction of it towards grooming good scriptwriters and building a decent script discussion team, we might have seen a great filmmaker. But all is not lost. Afterall, the same director had given a beauty like "Saivam" not long back. I am still hoping for him to return!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran