Lechmi Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | Comedy, Musicals, Thriller
'Lechmi' is a ploddingly made horror drama meant for providing only tepid moments and a predictable end.
Aug 25, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

It's yet another tale of revenge by a good spirit that unfolds before us through "Lechmi." Claiming to be a package of paranormal events, the film turns out to be a collage of detached incidents that fail to whip up any interest. Well, the settings here to bring out the horror effect are a flat and a deserted place at night.

Four youngsters, who work in television serial industry, have a whale of time in their apartment till they come across a 'friendly' ghost, Lechmi (Parvathy Ratheesh). She has lost her memory and tries to recall all about her past. The scenes of their meeting with Lechmi and subsequent incidents lack the depth to convince viewers about the supernatural activities going on inside the flat.

Debutant filmmaker B.N. Shajeer Sha does not show any consistency in the treatment owing to the inaccuracy in his screenplay. Lechmi is a good spirit and this dwindles the director's chances to lavishly showcase horror scenes. On a positive note, Shajeer jettisons the usual wardrobe of white sari and customary smoke when the ghost appears. Short of ideas leaves him fumble in most of the scenes inside the flat and as a result, the film fails to make a progress. The scenes that show a ghost teasing another are lurid even though they are meant for tickling the funny bone.

Parvathy needs to appear only as quiet and harmless spirit. So there is no room for the perfunctory yelling of ghosts. Biju Sopanam as Baba Swami has an interesting entry but his character fades away in the ruckus of other characters, who are enacted by actors from comedy shows on television channels.

An intriguing premise and occasional eerie milieu is not enough to fully rescue "Lechmi" from its downfall. It's a ploddingly made horror drama meant for providing only tepid moments and a predictable end.

K. R. Rejeesh