Sughamano Daveede Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2018
The depth of strong relationship between two brothers is highlighted in this film while the absence of a gripping tale is strongly felt in the process. Cliched plot and predictable nature subside the sheen.
Mar 5, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Bhagat Manuel starrer "Sukhamano Daveede" has a banal thread with glimpses of didactic elements. The deep-rooted relation between two brothers and the elder brother's concern about his brother evoke dejà vu for sure. Here, Daveed (Bhagat Manuel) dreams of his brother Joel John (Chethan Lal) becoming a collector. So the aspirations of the elder brother and his hard work show his affection towards his brother.

Joel, a Class 12 student, is a studious boy in school. The conflict arises when Joel shows the other side of his character. Within this minimal plot, writer Krishna Poojappura tries to extract the transformation of the younger brother. The best thing about debutant director duo Anup Chandran and Raj Mohan is they observe simplicity in the narration. But their resources are not sufficient to overcome the paucity of a gripping tale.


ath, who essays a tailor's role, showcases his potential as a performer. Though he is the protagonist, Chethan Lal takes the opportunity to prove his dedication in portraying the character. The transformation of the character has been beautifully portrayed by him with a sense of responsibility to bring out the effect.

The events in the school create room for preachy elements in the film. Teacher Jansy (Priyanka Nair) appears as a responsible guide for students and the film dwells into the need for giving proper attention to children.

Apart from a moral lesson, the makers are unable to create any riveting moments in the movie. Albeit the depth of strong relationship between two brothers is highlighted well, the absence of a gripping tale is dominant in the film. Moreover, cliched plot and predictable nature take away the sheen.

K. R. Rejeesh