House Owner Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film | Drama | 1h 49min
A spectacle of unadulterated emotions! It's a World cinema! Don't ever miss it! Lakshmi Ramakrishnan with her fourth outing as Director with this "House Owner", had confidently marked and delivers an impressive movie!
Jun 30, 2019 By ARR

House Owner (Tamil) - A spectacle of unadulterated emotions!

The unconditional love of an elderly woman for her retired husband suffering from Alzheimer's and their struggles during the natural calamity of 2015 Chennai floods has been strikingly brought out through this rare gem, that explores the elements of human personalities.

As an elderly couple, Kishore as retired Colonel Vasu suffering from Alzheimer's disease... often forgets nearly everything including his own wife's face and the character artist Sriranjani as his caring wife Radha at any given situation is an evident depiction of the fact, that the union of marriage involves true commitment and Love is a lot of hard work. Hats off to Director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan for her meticulous writing and intact execution on bringing out these facts effectively.

As young Vasu and Radha.... Both "Pasanga" movie boy Kishore and debutant Lovelyn (actress Viji Chandrasekhar's daughter) brings out the yesteryear cultural traditions, beliefs, respects and love through their finest emotions... the scene where Lovelyn says "I Love you" is so natural with a timid feel.

The entire movie is set in the backdrop of Chennai floods, which should be termed as the best and realistic representation of the natural calamity, as of the date in Tamil movies. Brilliantly shot! Last 30 minutes of the movie makes one glued to the reality feeling!

With Kishore suffering from Alzheimer's... kicking his own wife out of the bed and asking her who she is in the dining table... depicted the impact of Alzheimer's disease and also the unconditional love of a wife for her husband, even at humiliating moments. Naturally brought out!

The dance of Kishore-Sriranjani & the other young Kishore-Lovelyn for the song "Saayamal Saaigindra" is an absolute delightful moment of pure love!

The cinematography by Krishna Sekhar and music & songs by Ghibran are added advantage to this movie, which already includes whale of performances from all the four lead artists.

The entire movie with Brahmin dialects makes one admire those slang and learn through. Loved it!

The narrative style of going back to the old memories as and when an object or something from the present reminds the past... helps the narration. The repetitive dialogues or sequences during the first half though brings in a slight lag feel... it's an impressive second half which makes it spellbound!

And it's absolutely Sriranjani who takes Lion's share among performances as caring wife Radha... she has given her soul for this role and deserves lots of appreciation and applauds from all quarters. She had shown varied emotions of love, care, tolerance and acceptance of life in finest of emotions. Looks like Director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan herself had given the dubbing voice for her.

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan with her fourth outing as Director with this "House Owner", had confidently marked and delivers an impressive movie!