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Kaly  ( U ) (2018)  (Malayalam)
A riveting thriller is in store in "Kaly" after a shoddy start. It has enough substance to keep viewers engaged subsiding the shades of eventual predictability.
2.8 out of 5 (Fairly Good) Kaly NOWRUNNING REVIEW | K. R. Rejeesh
Rating:  2.8/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.8/5 | Users: 2.5/5
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Going by the title, "Kaly" is meant for time-pass but by the theme it has some serious affair. From the life premise of happy-go-lucky youngsters, in a jiffy the tone is transformed into a thriller pattern, which is gripping and engaging. The prelude is the puerile deeds like spiriting away of clothes and accessories from shops by these youths in pursuit of leading a luxury life. At one stage, you would conceive the plot like any other run-of-the-mill tale of urban boys. But there is an impending serious 'play.'

Debutant director Najeem Koya effectively restrains the buoyancy of the six-member gang -- Abu, Bijoy, Shanu, Sameer Shajahan, Paul and Aneesh--- to digress the proceedings aptly to be a thriller drama. The events in the luxury villa compound bring Circle Inspector T. Thilakan (Joju George) to the scene and he is a delight to watch thereafter. Joju George is excellent in the character, which holds the film tightly to make it riveting.

The film revolves around the incident that occurs inside the premise of a cluster of villas. The youngsters, including Sameer Shajahan, played by Shebin Benson, Paul (Shalu Rahim) and Aneesh (Indy Pallassery) too involve in it to make matters from bad to worst. The anxiety of Balan (Shammy Thilakan) and his friends to get rid of the quagmire serves as the pulsating factor in the movie.

The script written by Najeem Koya and Aroz Irfan firmly states its novelty and closes the possibilities of loopholes. But towards the end, they evade from giving a comprehensive explanation to the turnaround of events. Aiswarya Suresh as Poojitha carries a responsible role and she completes it with moderate success.

Behind the camera, Sajith Purushan proves his immaculate visual sense. Rahul Raj composes the BGM that always evokes the mysterious feel of the outcome of the tale. It's a smart play by Najeem Koya sans grave fouls.
Critic: K. R. Rejeesh
 2.8 out of 5 (Fairly Good) 2.8 out of 5 (Fairly Good)  

0.0 - 1.4 : Poor
1.5 - 1.7: Poor, A Few Good Parts
1.8 - 2.3: Average
2.4 - 2.9: Fairly Good
3.0 - 3.4: Good
3.5 - 5.0: Very Good

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Rajoy Alfes  Super Reviewer
The first 45 minutes was a tedium to sit through. But once the story starts rolling, you forget all the sour feelings and get engrossed in the developments till the very end of the film. Joju George has put up a tremendous performance as Circle Inspector. The director Najeem Koya could have cut short the caprices of the teenage delinquents, which would have given the film a better appeal in addition to saving the time of the spectators. A good one time watch.   Kaly User Rating

Sreejith M P  Super Reviewer
Kaly begins in juvenile fashion in the midst of five youngsters. And, takes a grim tone when a villa heist go awry. Circle Inspector Thilakan (Joju George in a riveting role) enters the plot to cover-up a crime under the guise of a probe for bribe. Climax is predictable. The movie is perhaps 20-30 minutes long. However, Joju George's character makes it work albeit in fits and starts. You wish Najeem Koya had made better use of its main cast. Still, credits to him on a low-budget, engaging debut.   Kaly User Rating


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