Sadrusya Vaakyam 24: 29 Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | UA | Family
This film fails to garner the support of a coherent narration to make an impact. Mediocre performance and unnecessary drama sully the action.
Dec 2, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

There are potentially interesting things in this revenge drama. The swathes of a tantalising plot also succeed in creating intriguing scenes. But these fleeting potentials are not enough to make "Sadrishavakyam 24:29" an endearing creation. The highly-affected fits and starts overpower the promising aspects of the film, helmed by M. Prashanth. The filmmaker is comfortable with creating dramatic moments rather than going into the details to extract a valid and convincing result.

The mode of operation is simple for the rich woman, who avenges the destruction of her family. When you have a brave heroine with incongruous expressions, the gravity of the vengeance is mitigated gradually.

The character Anna, enacted by Sheelu Abraham, has a secret target in life though she lives with her husband Issac Antony (Manoj. K. Jayan). Her determination and fuelling revenge on the perpetrators of the tragedy in her childhood hog the limelight after the dramatic portrayal of the incidents in the initial stages. Sheelu, obviously, struggles to imbibe the demeanours of the character. Her mediocre performance and some illogical events mar the concept of the film. The pent-up vengeance is not so safe in her impassive expressions.

A pervading feel of drama coupled with conventional treatment is the hallmark of this flick. Details like the police inaction in the missing case of a person and the hiding of a dead body are far-fetching and illogic. Child artiste Meenakshi as Saira has shown enough maturity in her role especially there is complexity in the psycho of the character.

As a corporate honcho, Manoj. K. Jayan has not been offered to do anything extraordinary. Kalabhavan Shajon as Registrar Ravikumar elevates the whole mood with a realistic appearance. His vile character is subtle and provides every reason to attract our disdain. Music by 4 Music offers a couple of fine songs. Shiju Nambiyath is the scenarist of this derailed revenge tale, which calls for more clarity to win hearts.

K. R. Rejeesh