Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | UA | Action, Thriller
An ordinary prison tale is elevated by its stylish treatment to an extent. Yet the absence of a concrete plot remains as a drawback.
Apr 1, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

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DVD Release: Jun 19 2018

An aggressive tone gives this film a different look compared to typical prison escape tales. Catalysts like vengeance and violence keep the plot alive. "Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil," written by Dileep Kurian recounts the jailbreak attempt episode of a group of inmates. The portrayal of the harrowing experience of accused inside a Sub Jail is disturbing and the stoking anger of characters never subsides. The film firmly stands on the familiar jail premises, instead of exploring their lives outside in detail.

With only two female characters, the film focuses on the life of Jacob Varghese (Antony Varghese), who is accused of killing police officer James (Anil Nedumangad) and stealing money from his employer's bank. He along with his wife Betty, portrayed by Aswathy Manoharan, is on the run from the clutches of his employer and the police.

After his arrest, Jacob gets a group of friends, including Devassya (Chemban Vinod) and Simon (Vinayakan) in prison. The conspiracy for escaping from jail begins here. Newbie Tinu Pappachan has an ordinary theme in hand but he overpowers it with a refreshing treatment. In this action thriller, Tinu follows the footsteps of his mentor Lijo Jose Pallissery by adopting the dark tone and 'fierce' reality in the treatment that keeps you nervous.

The action is mainly set in Kottayam Sub Jail. So the tale refuses to provide much reference about the lives of people outside the compound wall. Depiction of the brutality of police officers inside the jail is a cliched concept and it makes the film predictable and uneventful.

Antony gives a fine touch to the character with his bold and furious expressions. But there is no trace of innocence in the character, once he is imprisoned. Meanwhile, Vinayakan's role is tied up with emotional bond and he handles it with elan. Their combination offers some engaging moments in the film. Above all, the superb visuals by Gireesh Gangadharan and the gripping BGM by Deepak Alexander are the real winners.

The major drawback crops up when the plot fails to move beyond the jail premise. The platter is full of stylish ingredients than the much-needed substance.

K. R. Rejeesh


Rajoy Alfes

Violence for the sake of violence is the most negative thing about this movie. It appears as if violence decides the ord... Show more
Violence for the sake of violence is the most negative thing about this movie. It appears as if violence decides the order of a day in a Sub Jail. With Human Rights people roaming around it is difficult for torture and violence even to exist on a warfield, forget in a sub jail. The only bright side of the movie is the photography by Girish Gangadharan and the acting skills exhibited by the lead characters. Totally disappointing, especially when you go to the theatre with great expectations.