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The plot of 'Panchavarnathatha' has an underlying potential of becoming a promising film. But a casual approach bungles the gravity and it ends up as a passable affair.
Apr 15, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Here Jayaram has been given an interesting character by first-time director Ramesh Pisharody sans showing any interest in delineating the character's identity. The nameless pet dealer grabs your eyeballs with his peculiar demeanor and his unexpected plight stirs up our empathy. This protagonist is a man with selfless deeds and words, but the character is deprived of vital attention. I wonder why the director whittle the gravity of the tale just for the sake of churning out comic scenes.

Co-written by Ramesh Pisharody and Hari P. Nair, a particular incident brings a pet dealer and MLA Kalesh (Kunchakko Boban) together. The MLA is forced to give him and his pet animals a shelter in his mansion-like house. Though his wife Chithra (Anusree) and mother (Mallika Sukumaran) were reluctant at first, they agree to it due to a valid reason. Jimmy (Salim Kumar) is an opponent of Kalesh and he wants to defeat Jimmy at any cost in the polls.

At a glance, "Panchavarnathatha" has a virtuous premise, but it's botched up by mishmash of trivial scenes. Jayaram seems to be stranded in the middle of the commotion despite his emphatic portrayal leaves a mark in the film. The pot-bellied and bald man with a horse by his side justifies his life as a vagabond. His mien has a sort of haze that evokes curiosity altogether.

Pisharody refers to a number of current trends and lifestyle to showcase the travesty of virtue in the society. But the sound of his statement is not louder than the political problems of Kalesh.

The good intention of the director creates only a feeble impact since the vital part of the action is hogged by some other issues. Kunchako Boban's role is obviously a cakewalk for him and there is hardly any room for him to contribute anything remarkable.

A tout script with ample space for the protagonist would have added freshness to the film. Ultimately, it gives the feel of a half-baked creation albeit the intentions are in the right direction.

K. R. Rejeesh


Roshan Pramod

Panchavarnathatha is neither deep nor shallow. It’s preachy, but funny.One time watchable movie...
Rajoy Alfes

'Panchavarnathatha' can be excused and given pass marks just because it is a children's movie. It does not have a convin... Show more
'Panchavarnathatha' can be excused and given pass marks just because it is a children's movie. It does not have a convincing story line. The screenplay is loosely written and it would not be surprising if the spectators send out a couple of yawns. On the acting side Jayaram has done well. All other artistes have nothing much to do. Children might like the movie as it might give them the feel of visiting a zoo.